The PacRim fandom is already chanting for no romance in 2, but wait till they see whiteguy Jaeger Tech #3 and whiteguy cafeteria server in a 2 second shot together.

oh my god shut up 


i can’t believe the movie isn’t even out yet and people are concerntrolling about fandom potentially maybe shipping two men

…. or I am predicting that fandom will follow its standard racist pattern of ignoring all characters of color in favor of whatever whiteguys are available.  


where’s the same concern for how fandom will pair any available two hets together (see: mako/chuck when he already called her a misogynistic slur)

but oh wait it’s two whitedudes who are getting smushed together let’s be made about it when the movie literally hasn’t come out yet

how evil do you have to be to twist the legitimate hope of LGBT fans that this franchise will continue to not feature heterosexual romance when every other hollywood action film is drowning in it and therefore alienating as hell into another way to demonize gay ships over het ships as if Any Two Hets isn’t just as much a phenomenon in fandom

but OP didn’t ever say they didn’t want to see gay ships, they’re just talking about the very legitimate problem that fandoms tend to focus on white-only ships (see: star wars and that hot mess, where there’s a very good and obvious m/m ship between two poc and the fandom’s been latching onto a ship between two white guys). Like, intersectionality is so important and we can’t ignore that, we can have non-het ships that aren’t between white guys

ok but i’m sick and tired of the way so many people disingenuously try to pretend that racism and misogyny in fandom are somehow solely a problem within slash and position het shippers as some sort of anti-racist feminist Moral Authority over the evil regressive gays

the fact that these type of posts only ever target gay ships is absolutely not a coincidence and happens among a backdrop of aggressive homophobia and policing being flung at gay fans constantly from all sides

and using m/m shippers as a convenient scapegoat for problems that are systemic to fandom in general is homophobic and only ever used to try and pretend your shit don’t stink

homophobic micro aggressions aren’t suddenly okay because op is trying to speak for another marginalized group

When fandom stops aggressively erasing characters if color in favor of the nearest whiteguys, I’ll stop using this very prevalent and very racist pattern as an example.

I said NOTHING about PacRim ships having to be het ftr. NOTHING.

Criticizing slash shipping culture for how it centers white men above EVERYONE ELSE isn’t homophobic.

Slash shipping isn’t something that is exempt from critique because people like it or even because they use it to get representation.

Because newsflash: there IS something wrong with how fandom would sooner ship two white guys who outright hate each other over two women or any ship involving a person/character of color.

Poking fun at the focus on whiteness in slash culture/shipping the way the OP was doing isn’t a “homophobic microagression”. Not at all. It’s a clever critique of how fandom will bend over backwards to pretend that the only characters that matter and that can be queer are the white men.

(Also I’m so sick of my fellow slash shippers assuming that all critique of the culture and shipping practices surrounding shipping are straight “het shippers” coming from the outside. (Also labeling characters as “het” the way that one person does is just… Ugh)

So many of the people critiquing the racism and misogyny that can come hand in hand with slash shipping culture are QPOC.

We’re sick and tired of slash ships between white guys and how fandom holds these relationships as the be all and end all of queer representation in fandom. They do this at the expense of representation for and focus on female characters and characters of color. Fandom does this CONSTANTLY. You can see the disparity when you look at pairing tags.

I guess it’s easier on y’all to pretend that the critique isn’t coming from inside the house but that’s so ridiculous.)

Author: Zeenah

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