Alex Danvers is not, and can never be, Batwoman.

And no, this isn’t people being like “this adaptation isnt exactly like the comics and so i hate it”. no. 

this is “kate kane is a canon jewish character, who is extremely into her religion, even obscure aspects of it. she does not practice casually, it is a big part of her character and taking that representation away would be antisemetic as fuck”. 

this is “queer women aren’t interchangeable characters that you can just swap out as you please”. 

this is “kate kane became batwoman to serve because she was discharged from the military, when she loved serving her country because she refused to lie about her sexuality and therefore to have alex danvers, an openly gay officer in a government agency become batwoman would be the antithesis of the batwoman mantle and would disrespect the characters entire history.” 

your headcanons about alex danvers being batwoman arent as harmless as you might think. they are promoting and endorsing jewish erasure and homophobia just because you want to see alex being a vigilante.

and not only all of that on the actual batwoman side, but you know what else? its disrespectful and out of character for alex danvers as well. you know what alex danvers is? she is a government agent who loves serving in the agency and as part of a team. she would have literally no reason to become batwoman. she doesnt see bad things happening everyday and decide she can do something to help, like kara and james, because she is already doing that with the deo. she doesnt see the bat symbol as a call to arms to serve the people, like kate kane. alex danvers has a job that is incredibly fulfilling to her, and that she already helps and saves people in.

alex danvers has no motivation to become batwoman, and any that she does have would no doubt be extremely disrespectful to the characters history, as she will never be kicked out of the deo, a job she loves, for refusing to lie about her sexuality, and she will never see the bat symbol as a call to arms in the same way that kate kane did.

jewish characters should not and will not be erased.

queer women are not interchangeable.

so kindly fuck off, because alex danvers is not batwoman and she can never be batwoman.

Author: Zeenah

Zina writes about comics, nerd history, and ridiculous romance novels when not working frantically on her first collection of short stories and complaining about stuff. One day, she'll settle down and write that novel.