I hate to ask, but my sister and I are $250 short on rent because a check she was expecting didn’t come and might not come until the end of the week (bcuz holiday tomorrow screws up the delivery schedule) and our mom who lives with us and the niecelings isn’t interested in helping us.

If you can toss us a little $ before midnight tonight, it’d be really great!

You all are amazing people! Thank you so much for sharing and donating! You’re really saving me + my sister’s butts because the check was supposed to come but the universe apparently hates us??

Right now we’re at $208.30/$250 with a couple of hours left to go until midnight. I’ve paid the brunt of the rent ($1020 and if necessary I can share the receipt screen shot for that) and will hold off on paying the rest until well… I get the rest so I can pay it in one-shot. 

I will post a screenshot of the receipt for the last bit once it’s paid and refund any donations that I receive after that point.

Also, because I’m truly a goopy mess rn, I’m going to giveaway a digital copy of Moana to one of you darlings once I’m done crying. 

Thank you thank you

It’s DONE! 


I figured most of y’all already know my last name since I’m published in places so I didn’t censor that, but here’s the receipt.)

Thank you all for your help! It was a smidge more expensive because I didn’t know they charged for debit card payments (we pay via bank accounts and it doesn’t have a fee then), but we’re all done! 

Thank you all so much! My sister was straight up in TEARS! 

 Now from here on in, I’m going to be refunding anyone that donates after this fact because I know how sometimes posts take off (but I might fall asleep before I do that so I’ll for sure do it once I wake up). I’ll be updating the other reblogs of the post with this info just in case!

I’ll also pick someone for that digital copy of Moana that I keep in my wallet for emergencies and send them an email about that!

Again, thank you all for having my back and helping my family out. 

Today was really stressful and without y’all, I think we’d be freaking out really badly!

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Zina writes about comics, nerd history, and ridiculous romance novels when not working frantically on her first collection of short stories and complaining about stuff. One day, she'll settle down and write that novel.