Is it horrible of me to say I wish these hurricanes would hit us in the US? I mean, the Caribbean doesn’t deserve getting hit so badly… but we do. Like, if we got hit, maybe it might make congress start to open up even a little about climate change and aid? Like I feel we Americans don’t think about this unless we get directly effected.



I think it’s horrible but your reasons are solid maybe we wouldn’t have so many climate change deniers if we got as many hurricanes as the Caribbean. I want change too but currently it’s a lot of PoC who are getting affected in the US too.

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That is just an awful thing to wish for and no, their reasons are not solid. They’re terrible.

The US mainland being hit by hurricanes more and more won’t make climate change deniers get over themselves because that’s not how things with them work. They’re going to look for every other reason that they can to explain away the fact that we’ve had three Cat 5 hurricanes in less than a month. They won’t learn or change their minds just because the hurricanes are hitting the mainland first.

(Houston was halfway underwater like less than a month ago and I didn’t see any immediate or significant climate change conversations come from it in US politics…)

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