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Despite the title, The Reanimator Down The Street is supposed to reflect a potential path to the birth of Frankenstein and to the titular character attempts to (re)create life. Shelley doesn’t actually explain the process that went into Frankenstein’s work and while many adaptations went straight to “Galvanism works”, I found myself fixated on a more… occult track.

And I wondered… what if Shelley had the opportunity to try and bring her daughter back to life. How would that go and could it possibly have inspired her work on Frankenstein.

This is for my Thursday night class (Romantic Fire) which looks at well… the Romantics.

I did my presentation and first paper on Frankenstein and the “birth of the monster” and I wanted to tackle an air of the supernatural in that by essentially imagining a moment in Mary Shelley’s life where she turned to dark alchemy following the death of her daughter prior to the pregnancy that would lead to her only child to survive their birth and infancy.

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The Reanimator Down The Street | Zina on Patreon

Author: Zeenah

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