you know those moments when you realised you have a type?, this is it

My type is somewhere between ethereal space goth warrior elf and 80s punk rock butch intellectual…so, yeah, same.

@zaprowsdowers whom is this? whom is this? tell Me

She’s Ember Moon ❤

Her name is Ember Moon, but you missed the best part and the reason why I love wrestling so much. Her gimmick(since wrestlers need those) is that she’s a moon goddess.

That’s legitimately it. She’s a goddess who wrestles for reasons unclear, and whether she’s a Face or a Heel is based on the cycle of the moon(I think? Or something like that. She’s on their undercard so I haven’t seen her much, but she’s got a decent chance, in my mind, of making Divas actually fun to watch again)

Author: Zeenah

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