Antisemitism is weird


Jews are “white” until we’re not.

Antisemitism is weird. It’s more about trivializing us and discounting us  – until the economy collapses and suddenly we have some kind of secret agenda to control the world. It sneaks under the radar as jokes and yinglish and comedy stereotypes – until suddenly windows are being broken and swastikas are being spray-painted and pigs heads are being thrown at synagogues.  

It’s about me meeting someone at summer camp who sidled up to me and whispered, “Can you show me your horns? I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

It’s about the erasure of Mizrahim, Sephardim, Black Jews, South Asian Jews, Jews everywhere in the world who don’t match the stereotype.  It’s about, “Funny, you don’t look Jewish.”

It’s about the fiction of “Judeo-Christian” and how we’re all one people under G-d, until suddenly we’re not. 

It’s about “get over the Holocaust already” and “there have been lots of genocides in history” and “the Holocaust was a hoax”.  It’s about “not all German soldiers were Nazis” and “okay yeah, the pope was a member of the Hitler Youth but he says he’s sorry” and “the swastika has been used by a lot of cultures besides the Nazis.”  

It’s about the way we straddle the line between religion and ethnicity (or race), and about my grandmother, who used to remind me, “You can eat bacon on Yom Kippur, but when the Nazis come, to them you’re still a Jew.”

It’s about Godwin’s Law, which uses Jews as metaphor, but renders it almost impossible to speak about the actual Jewish historical experience because the moment you mention Hitler, Nazism or the Holocaust you “lose the argument.”

It’s about an article called “You Can Get Upset About That Captain America Twist, You Just Shouldn’t”.

It’s about Hail Hydra.

Author: Zeenah

Zina writes about comics, nerd history, and ridiculous romance novels when not working frantically on her first collection of short stories and complaining about stuff. One day, she'll settle down and write that novel.