Home Depot destroys 1 million pounds of supplies in wake of hurricane | WSB-TV



The company crushed one million pounds worth of goods, according to Waste Management records obtained by Channel 2 Action News. They were sent to a local landfill and claimed on the company’s insurance — rather than sorted for hurricane survivors.

The company doesn’t dispute the destruction but, citing liability concerns, insisted to Channel 2 Action News that no other options were available.

“That was the easiest thing to do.” said Turnbull. “Was it the best thing? No. I don’t think it was the best thing.”

Capitalist efficiency

I was tweeting about this earlier and the thing is that other stores that were damaged did things to help the community with their damaged inventory. Home Depot was just so eager to reopen and rebuild that they didn’t try to do anything that would benefit the community on St. Thomas/St. John that needed help and supplies.

Governor Turnbull was NOT happy and he actually lowkey mocked the idea that they were getting rid of stuff because they genuinely worried about danger to Virgin Islanders, pointing out in a quote from that article that toilets can bleached…

Like I don’t doubt that if they’d gone through and taken proper inventory and made stuff accessible to the locals for free/lower prices, that it would’ve helped in the rebuilding process because people literally can’t afford to rebuild their own homes and businesses.

Home Depot destroys 1 million pounds of supplies in wake of hurricane | WSB-TV

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