“If anything I think Shuri would be an older sibling for Bucky. She is smart and mature, and Bucky is…Bucky.”

Hey, how about y’all don’t make a sixteen year old Black girl into a mammy figure for a grown ass white dude?

Because that’s what comments like this do (and this was an actual comment left on a post about why writing Bucky as a brother figure to Shuri is weird and a little messed up considering the fact that she has an actual brother and is comfortable/friendly with Nakia and Okoye).

Fun fact:

It’s racist to say that Shuri is so “smart and mature” that her teenaged self would be an older sibling to a man chronologically several times her age AND it’s ableist to infantilize Bucky for having been traumatized and brainwashed over the decades.

He needed help to make sure that he wasn’t going to be a danger thanks to Hydra codewords, but that doesn’t mean that he suddenly stopped being a grown ass adult that no teenager – but especially a Black one – has any business taking care of in any capacity.

Y’all out here wanting Shuri to build tech for every white hero under the sun (despite not appearing to like the character since she’s smarter than Tony – we’ve seen the “subtle” character hate, y’all) but now that the movie is out, we have to deal with the fact that y’all also want her to mammy the fuck out of these people too?


Author: Zeenah

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