Have y’all ever noticed that folks doing these AUs inspired by something centered around Black people never use the Black people in their source material?

I’m not even getting into all the stories that use slavery and the experience of enslaved Black people in the USian South as fodder for white characters. That’s still being saved for a later piece.

I’m talking about the Sleepy Hollow AU where Stiles replaced Abbie and Derek was Ichabod. When it could’ve easily been Boyd or Marin (not sure that’s how you spell her name).

I’m talking about folks who watched the relationship between Zendaya and Zac Efron’s characters in The Greatest Showman and how it was shaken up by the bigotry of the time and immediately went to make Rey/Kylo AUs about it… Including the intolerance they faced for being an interracial couple. No black person necessary, apparently.

And yes, giving a white character like Stiles his own version of Wakanda in Russia falls under this category. Instead of working with the super black source media folks claim to love and centering Boyd perhaps for the first time in a story about Wakanda… Black Panther inspired an author to well… Write about white people.

The MCU fandom sucks at this to, centering the white heroes and villains in the MCU in many of their Black Panther inspired fanworks. They’re largely not writing stories about Rhodey and Sam in Wakanda or the Luke Cage cast meeting T’challa…

It’s all about the white people.

Even though it never makes sense.

Author: Zeenah

Zina writes about comics, nerd history, and ridiculous romance novels when not working frantically on her first collection of short stories and complaining about stuff. One day, she'll settle down and write that novel.