Not once has fandom had this fixation with Asgard or it’s technology. No sugar daddy Thor, nothing. Their entitlement to Wakanda is 100% rooted in ingrained antiblack racism. They’ll gush over it having the sweetest tech but then say Tony could easily improve it or do better like???? What’s the truth? You want Wakanda as a new playground buuuuut also wanna demean it? NBPOC do this too, like that Filipino tony stan vilifying T’Challa but loving a Filipino Wakanda

You have hit the nail on the dang head. 


In the same way that folks in fandom that suddenly had problems with the existence of Wakanda but like… nothing to say about Asgard three movies in (even after Ragnarok which was pretty damn explicit about the FACT that Asgard was a colonizing power that thrived on homogeneity and keeping their power to themselves), folks in fandom aren’t well… colonizing Asgard in the same way that they’re taking Wakanda for themselves.

(Also, quick sidebar to say that there’s no problem with being a NBPOC inspired by Black Panther and imagining your own culture pre-colonialism and how similar concepts to afrofuturism would would to create that sort of culture… and spelling it out properly.

However, folks are out here basically cutting and pasting afrofuturism atop whatever culture that they can imagine which ignores how much of afrofuturism as a concept is inspired by specific things that ARE absolutely unique to the descendants of the people enslaved during TransAtlantic/triangular slave trade. Taking elements of the genre/theory to slap across other cultures – especially but not limited to white European cultures – is frankly unacceptable because folks need to do the work. 

And in the case of that one walnut, they’re taking these concepts from a movie about a Black character they don’t even respect considering they used the strawmanniest of arguments to say that “T’challa is as bad as Tony” with that one post you’re referencing.)

Anyway, it’s really obnoxious how many folks in fandom are kind of doing the same thing that the out and out racists have been saying (problematizing Wakanda or specific Wakandans) while then like grabbing for the concept like it’s absolutely an everyman situation. 

(Also the few times I remember seeing sugar daddy Thor stories from when I was really in that section of fandom they definitely weren’t in the context of “now he takes care of the other avengers as is his duty as a wealthy king of an foreign land with resources/great science”. Definitely not.)

Author: Zeenah

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