That Darcy/M’baku post and the OP who insists on digging a deeper hole for themselves are just A LOT.

I mean, I almost want to make a fandom racism bingo card based off of their original post and responses thus far.

Because we’ve got:

  • Prioritizing a white character over Black ones (in their own franchise)
  • Fan-colonizing Wakanda for white characters
  • Aggressive and hulking depiction of a Black male character (M’baku triggers Darcy by yelling at her because he’s SO BIG AND SHE HAS PAST ABUSE)
  • Sassy as a characterization for Black women
  • Black women as worshipful mammy figures (Shuri and Okoye just admire Darcy so much because she’s strong for surviving abuse and yet these women have to like… Baby her and teach her things)
  • Wanna bet that the size difference the OP appreciated would also translate to Big Black Cock stuff if turned into fic?
  • Writing Black characters out of character to satisfy white people’s desire for them
  • Having a white woman call out a Black character (as a blow for feminism, apparently)
  • The OP literally used their Jewish identity and their family history in the Holocaust as a shield when called out for the antiblackness present in that post.

No one’s perfect. Obviously.

But I mean… How hard is it to Google a “how to write/talk about Black characters” post? How hard is it to realize that turning M’baku into a Black brute obsessed with/enamored by a white woman is like really racist? There are research materials out there, blogs all about educating people that want to write a little outside their lanes. And yet no one ever uses them…

I want to be absolutely clear about something:

If you watched Black Panther and immediately decided to make the film and its Black characters all about white characters who basically no longer exist in the MCU anymore or who aren’t even in the same general franchise/fandom…

You missed the point of that damn movie and you need to go back to making posts about those characters you clearly love more than white ones.

Author: Zeenah

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