I’m back with another “fandom racism” card, this one more explctly for the Black Panther fandom. I think this one can be used for scrolling through tumblr tags or AO3 as a drinking game, but I like my liver a bit too much to play it and see how it goes.

If you can’t read the bingo squares, here’s what they say (though the order may not match):

  • Sizekink and/or Big Black Cock
  • White ruler of Wakanda (other fandom)
  • Shuri or Okoye as “sassy Black women”
  • Black women as mammy figures for white chars
  • Reverse racism
  • “I can’t be a colonizer, my country never colonized anyone”
  • Accusing Black fans of racism or gatekeeping
  • “Wakanda-inspired” nations for white characters
  • Hyper-focus on white characters in interacial ship stories
  • Wakanda as a hot vacation spot for white characters
  • “Saying T’challa wouldn’t date a white person is racist.”
  • “For some reason, I just don’t like Nakia”
  • Erik/T’challa or Erik/Shuri
  • Sugar Daddy T’challa
  • White ruler of Wakanda (MCU)
  • Sam/Rhodey/Luke Cage, Who?
  • Black character exists only to do emotional labor
  • “You’re why people don’t like to write/draw Black characters in fandom.”
  • Slavefic
  • Darcy in Wakanda
  • White dude slashship references in headcanons/fic
  • Assuming Wakandans are automatically homophobic/transphobic
  • Aggressive Black characters
  • “Why do you (Black) people hate interracial relationships?”

If you don’t get what a square means, please nudge me for clarification!

In case y’all were wondering (or are new to me/my blog) everything on this bingo card is a thing I’ve seen in fanworks or as a comment from fandom.


(And despite how many things are present on this card, there are still people sending me stuff that they’ve seen that I hadn’t thought to include or didn’t see.)

Author: Zeenah

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