Hi i saw the Black Panther Racism Bingo post, and you said to nudge you for clarification if need on any of the boxes. “Assuming Wakandan’s are automatically homophobic/transphobic” confused me, I am sorry for my ignorance, could you please expand on that? If not that’s valid and sorry for wasting your time!!

Howdy friend!

So the square: 

“Assuming Wakandans are automatically homophobic/transphobic” refers to how people see Black people as inherently/automatically homophobic and how that translates to fandom.

I saw this specific post and it reminded me of how Black people are always seen as homophobic by nature to the point where, in a story where there’s nothing to signify societal homophobia or whatever, folks are out here wondering if Wakanda protects queer people?? 


Where are the posts or headcanons asking if Asgard or Atlantis does that? They don’t exist. Or if they do, it wouldn’t be seen as like an automatic or inherent aspect to their culture.

But fandom (well… the white people in fandom) get it into their heads that Black people are like The Most Homophobic (despite the very history of homophobia stemming from imperialism and colonialism like we can actually document and trace this negative evolution). 

Author: Zeenah

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