Um hey so for that black panther bingo thing you did, I was wondering what the “Why do you (Black) people hate interracial relationships?” Square means?

It’s an accusation that people trot out when Black people in fandom criticize interracial fandom ships that are disrespectful or problematic with regard to a Black character.

For example:

When folks were out here trying to ship T’challa with the dude that killed his dad, when they made Black Widow queen of Wakanda, etc. Whenever Black people complained or criticized the fact that fandom was basically erasing T’challa’s characterization/personality for their fantasy, they were accused of hating interracial relationships.

Which is problematic in general, but even more so when you realize that these are primarily white women in fandom telling Black women in fandom that they’re bitter and reverse racist for not rolling over for the latest emotional labor/diet colonization ship where a Black person is suitably subservient to a white one.

Author: Zeenah

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