[WIP Post] What Fandom Racism Looks Like – Misogynoir | Zina on Patreon

Few things inspire more misogynoir than a Black female character that fandom thinks “gets in the way” of a ship involving two white characters.

I’ve spent much of the day working on a piece for my “What Fandom Racism Looks Like” series focusing on misogynoir in fandom. It’s maybe halfway completed at 1300+ words, but I’m taking a break to work on my Children of Blood and Bone review.

For your previewing pleasure, I’m giving y’all an early look at part of the third section of the piece entitled “Black Women in the Way” which looks at what fandom does to Black female characters that they feel are in the way of their white fandom faves getting together.

[WIP Post] What Fandom Racism Looks Like – Misogynoir | Zina on Patreon

Author: Zeenah

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