I don’t think many people see how horrid the supposedly progressive and anti racist parts of tumblr/twitter fandom are to Black characters/fans/performers on the regular. They curate their spaces so well that the only time they see a hint of the antiblackness in fandom is when Black people aren’t nice about dealing with it and insult a white person.

So when they see Black people talk about how done they are with folks defending Ad@m Driver’s “ugly ass” from folks/posts on social media he’ll never see talking about his looks while the same fandom says that constantly talks shit about John Boyega in posts he’s tagged in  they rush to be like“wow, that’s bad feminism to fight racism with bullying and my activism calls for me to defend everyone and blah blah blah”

But like… The white guy is ALWAYS defended. He’s always coddled. That’s literally one of the biggest problems in the Star Wars fandom, that the trilogy villain and the guy who plays him gets more respect and empathy from the fandom than John Boyega and Finn do.

No one can send Driver any messages about his looks or talent on social media. People constantly tell JB how useless they think he is, how they wish Kylo was the hero, how JB doesn’t have the chops to be a hero opposite Daisy R (despite him having a meatier acting roles than she did when cast in TFA). They do things like say he “doesn’t look like a leading man”, call him a cuck, mock him/Finn for being “friendzoned”… all in his mentions on twitter or instagram.

Like I know it’s hard for folks in fandom to see a white guy get insulted and not rush to correct that, but there’s a reason it’s happening.

The immediate response to write essays about intersectionality 

and how it’s wrong to “bully” Ad@m

in response to folks being annoyed with how white guys ALWAYS get defense squads from fandom are a huge part of that reason.

Folks in fandom – aside from black folks and some nonblack people that are aware of what’s going on – aren’t doing this for Finn or John Boyega. They’re not preaching about their feminism shaping their activism when folks post unsubtle digs at everything from his character, to his looks, to his talent.

It’s ONLY the white guy that fandom cares about defending and that’s not intersectional activism in the slightest. It’s just too convenient that no one ever sees the tons of antiblack racism we get to deal with in fandom but like… the second we snap or are vaguely unkind it’s like 

“oh no, you’re all bad feminists and bullies” 

Which is… mighty convenient…

Any way, if your supposedly intersectional activism or feminism leads you to barrel into defending a white actor being called ugly because ~everyone is totally equal~ and you don’t even bother to look at what Black people in the same fandom go through on the regular (on a post about how fandom ignores the treatment his Black coworker gets from fandom), it’s already bullshit.


Author: Zeenah

Zina writes about comics, nerd history, and ridiculous romance novels when not working frantically on her first collection of short stories and complaining about stuff. One day, she'll settle down and write that novel.