Where is the fishperson romance for dark-skinned Black women?


  1. Where are the stories about vampires and werewolves vying for a dark-skinned Black woman’s love and affection?
  2. Where are the stories about faeries whisking dark-skinned Black women away to a magical place far, far away?
  3. Where are the stories about dark-skinned Black women being wooed by gods and demigods?
  4. Where are the stories about dark-skinned Black women being loved and desired after by aliens, angels and demons?

I mean, I know why there is such a paucity of these stories (it begins with “miso-” and ends in “-noir”), but I’m interested in delving the ways that it manifests in how we conceptualize and talk about this type of story, or at least examining these types of stories from a Black feminist or womanist lens. I tried broaching it a few times (though with a heavier emphasis on the gothic heroine as protagonist) but the responses have been scant, almost as if people are afraid of looking deeper.

Author: Zeenah

Zina writes about comics, nerd history, and ridiculous romance novels when not working frantically on her first collection of short stories and complaining about stuff. One day, she'll settle down and write that novel.