replied to your post “I’ve largely been approaching the various “don’t censor fandom/the…”

Personally, I Thing an AO3 for PoC is a helluva great idea! I honk we should do it because ain’t nobody gonna take care of us but us, and we need to quite asking White people to be decent, (they’re never gonna be anything but burning racist trash,) and we need to quit begging to join in their shit! If they cry about us making our own, my attitude is “fuck ‘em!”

I mean, this is all true. 

You’re right.

I’m just like… weirdly stuck on how messed up it is that instead of going “wow, this whole group of people in fandom feels uncomfortable by this thing/things fandom does so we should rethink doing the thing” folks are like “well sweatie, just make your own since you’re so bothered”

And I need to get unstuck fast, i guess.

Author: Zeenah

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