Tokyo Ghoul :re

1) Torso Investigation Arc – We
readers cannot believe our eyes as our beloved protagonist Kaneki
wanders carelessly along the corridors of the CCG. After a severe memory
loss he was made an investigator and the leader of an experimental
squad – the Quinx squad. As his responsibilities push him in a corner
and his memories start echoing, Sasaki faces his past in the faces of
both Touka and Serpent. And in the shadows, the ghastly ghoul Torso
keeps on lurking.

2) Nutcracker Investigation Arc – It
is time for the new problematic children to show off in action.
Shirazu, Mutsuki, Urie and the lazy Saiko make their way along the
violent streets of Tokyo, hoping to bust a large human-trafficking
scheme, led by the fearsome Nutcracker. As she lures them into her trap
slowly, the new and old players take places. Aogiri, CCG, the Clowns,
who will face whom?

3) Auction Mopping-up Operation Arc – Under
the command of Matsuri Washuu, the CCG raids the ghoul Auction from the
inside. Juuzou and Mutsuki eventually meet with their squads, but this
just brings more chaos to the place. Sasaki’s memories take the form of
the loving Hinami, who has sided with Aogiri, and the murderous
turned-ghoul Takizawa, who drowns the Auction in blood. After a fierce
battle, the different forces part ways to take a short breath, because
everything is about to go down soon.

4) Rose Investigation Arc – Another
echo from the past resurrects – Tsukiyama Shuu is awakened from his
depression by the news of Sasaki’s existence. The protective and
mysterious Kanae von Rosenwald will make sure that tides would not turn,
but the Qs turn out to be too strong for him to just erase them.
Meanwhile, the wrong-in-the-head CCG investigator Kijima sets a trap for
the Tsukiyama family. Another invitation for a clash with fate lies in
the open.

5) Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation Arc – The
cards are finally down, or so it seems. Sasaki has never been as
confused, and his hopes to find answers in the Lunar Eclipse building
are shattered. Kanae, being given the “fruit of power” by Eto, appears
out of nowhere and together with the One-eyed Owl breaks Sasaki down
until Kaneki, his past self, raises from the ashes. This new unstoppable
force murders Kanae and repels Eto, but Ken’s timing is never perfect.
While he was getting the harsh treatment, Shirazu lost his life to Noro,
and the world of the Qs is now irreversibly destroyed.

6) Rushima Landing Operation Arc – The
CCG, seemingly cleansed by the Extermination, decides to focus their
forces in one big final mission to eradicate Aogiri. Similarly, Aogiri
decides on their last battleground – Rushima island. Kaneki, or the
Black Reaper, has become as distant as possible, but this facade breaks,
when Cochlea is invaded once again. The simultaneous double-front
brings lots of action to the scene and past and future blend together.
Suzuya vs Kurona, Seidou vs Amon vs the Qs, Torso’s demise, Mutsuki’s
downfall, CCG vs the Rabbits, and most importantly – Arima vs Kaneki in
one fatal match. Kaneki goes through yet another change and before he
takes up the mane of the One-eyed King, the Grim Reaper – Arima Kishou –
reveals his secrets and ultimately commits suicide. Everything changes
as the ghouls run back to :re…

7) Clown Siege Arc – The
two sides aren’t very sure of who they are now that Arima is gone and
the world faces yet another challenge. Furuta Nimura, the impatient
conspirator and a true master-mind is getting ready for a blow and he
brings the Clowns and V to the stage while taking the position on top of
the CCG by himself. Kaneki and Touka manage to experience some few
moments of mutual bliss after being persecuted by the murderous Mutsuki,
but that is a short happiness. Goat is now pressured into escaping into
the 24th ward, the nest of ghouls in Tokyo. And on the top, Furuta
drops bomb after bomb over every character.

8) 24th Ward Raid Arc – Now
that Kaneki has to fight for the ghouls’ survival as their champion,
the pressure is severely reducing him to a shell of his former self.
Players switch sides for one more dance and the long-awaited crack
appears – this time from the inside. CCG, together with the wicked Oggai
kids, bring chaos in the 24th ward and many fall victim to the
manslaughter. Kaneki is pressed into the corner by the other One-eyed
King – Furuta – while the world around him collapses. Everybody is in
danger and Kaneki has to break the shell again. And this time nobody is
safe, as the massive and all-consuming kagune of Kaneki – the Dragon –
eats up Tokyo in a murderous final resolution.

9) Dragon Arc – Kaneki
is now paralyzed inside the mass of kagune that remains still in the
centre of Tokyo – a giant monument of death. CCG and humans are forced
to shake hands with Goat and the ghouls in order to save Kaneki and to
defeat Furuta. This conflict brings about all the past traumas – Mutsuki
is pushed into redemption, Touka, Shuu and Hide give their all for
their hero and everybody has to decide on what matters most to them.
Yes, Kaneki is now awake and alive, but what more awaits the remains of

Author: Zeenah

Zina writes about comics, nerd history, and ridiculous romance novels when not working frantically on her first collection of short stories and complaining about stuff. One day, she'll settle down and write that novel.