shallureithweek: Day One – Chocolate

Keith finds something surprising in the castle’s pantry. (WC:326)

After all the other inedible offers inside the castle’s strangely
stocked pantry, a trove of something that smells, looks, and tastes like chocolate is pretty much the
last thing that Keith expects to find when he goes searching for something to
bring back to the dimly lit lounge where he, Shiro, and Allura have been dozing
in a nest of blankets for half a cycle, recovering from back to back diplomatic
missions gone bad.

But find it Keith does after hauling a crate of snacks both
familiar and unfamiliar out from behind a box of something that rattles ominously
whenever he looks at it too long. Most of the things in the crate don’t look
like anything he’d ever eat – even if he wasn’t a picky eater – and he pushes
them to one side with Allura in mind.

The chocolate though –

Keith smells it before he sees it.

At first, he thinks he’s imagining it. They’ve been in space
for so long that Keith can’t clearly remember the little parts of day-to-day
life on Earth and it wouldn’t be the first time that his senses have failed him
in the pursuit of food. It wouldn’t even be the tenth time.

So when Keith pulls a tightly wrapped bundle of something
that immediately hits him with the familiar scent of chocolate – a rich
bittersweet scent that makes Keith think of well… home.

He unwraps the bundle without moving from his crouched position,
breaking off a small triangle off the corner of the topmost bar before popping
it into his mouth with a wince that is quickly transformed into a small smile
when sweetness hits his tongue. For once, he’s not faced with something that
looks like it should taste good but makes him want to wash his mouth out with
soap instead.

This is the real deal.

“Perfect,” Keith says to himself, smiling at the
thought of getting to share this rare treat with Shiro and Allura.