Young Bats, Supes and Wondy by Dustin Nguyen Coming in February


If you’re a fan of Li’l Gotham or of DC’s Trinity or Dustin Nguyen than you will be very happy come February when Scholastic Books begins publishing DC Comics: Secret Hero Society books by Nguyen and his Li’l Gotham collaborator Derek Fridolfs.

Here’s the description from the publisher

Being the new kid at school is tough, especially when your school is called Doomvale Academy and your name is Bruce Wayne. There’s a gang of jokers roaming the halls, a muscle-headed kid named Bane wants to beat you up, and your headmaster Hugo Strange seems really, well, strange.

This inventive novel follows young Bruce Wayne and his friends Clark (Superman) and Diana (Wonder Woman) as they start a Junior Detective Agency to investigate their teachers and find out what’s going on behind closed doors at Doomvale Academy, all before recess.

This all-new story presents a twist on the idea of junior sleuths, using comics, journal entries, and doodles to reimagine Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman as three students in the same school. They’ll try their best to solve their case, but just because you’re faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive, it doesn’t mean you get to stay up past eleven.

There will be three books in the series and the series will expand to include other members of the Justice League. In the PRs the creators are quoted saying

“I don’t know what it’s like to shoot lasers from my eyes, fly an Invisible Jet, or dress like a bat. But I remember my years in school fondly and tried to tap into that,” said Derek Fridolfs. “And when in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to write in ninjas or have class clowns throwing pies.”

“Creating stories for children has always been what I love to do,” said Dustin Nguyen, “And to be able to do so with iconic characters I myself grew up with, it’s as exciting as being in the books myself!”

And, yes, these are “kids” books but who cares, I can’t wait.