like last I checked it was like this


(sorry for the quality, Poe’s picture is pointing at Guatemala in case it’s too small to read)

and last I checked people from Mexico and Guatemala are Latinx

so that r*ylo can shut up and take some geography lessons

For once not a reyno or a jynn/ic as far as I can tell, just a generic racist Canadian. (Really that their excuse. Reading that whole thread is a trip.)

She thought that Poe and Cassian were white because she quote, “

didn’t register the accent as Latino, but rather, as a human being” unquote.

Just going to leave that there.

she quote, “ didn’t register the accent as Latino, but rather, as a human being” unquote.


they’re using ghost rider to bring mysticism into the show, which they literally have to do to tie into the doctor strange movie + his storyline ties into the ghosts which fitz and simmons were trying to figure out. plus, it’s great to see even more focus on poc representation on the show, but don’t worry, i’m sure fitzsimmons will have more scenes soon!






I know, nonnie.

But I just really think they’re doing a bit of a shit job of it, if i’m honest. And by that, I mean Ghost Rider’s backstory and the magic stuff. To be 100% honest, I’ve found that ghost-lady storyline sort of embarassing to watch. The costume and make-up, ugh its cringey!

I enjoy all of Robbie’s scenes, and I liked last week when he was talking to the other dude in the jail about the hit on him and Gabe – but the magic stuff is lame to me. I just don’t care, and i’m struggling to see where this is going other than to drag out his story in order to try and get new audience members.

It feels cynical to me and it feels like taking for granted the fans of the first three seasons.

But at least Gabriel Luna is hot, so I can just objectify him while the ghosts are doing magic spells or whatever the hell it is.

Thanks for the message 🙂

Woohoo I’m completely unsurprised that someone who is whining and moaning IN THE MAIN TAGS over agents of shield: ghost rider being about ghost rider is also talking about objectifying him lmao keep your ugly latin lover fetishization away from Gabriel Luna

You’re mean @mistakemessengr. Who ever taught you how to speak to people?

If you don’t like me. Simply ignore me. Its not hard. There’s simply no point in seeking out all my posts and commenting on them. You’re wasting your time and embarassing yourself.

You have to grow up and out of this behaviour. You’re worth more than to be someone’s internet troll. I’m sorry that you don’t see that.

I’m a perfectly lovely person, i’ve never intentionally hurt anyone or gone out of my way to be mean like you have. Don’t treat me like this. I don’t deserve it. This is not an effective way to deal with your anger.

Your anger is a great tool, that you could use for good. There are so many things worth being angry about. My opinion does not matter. It is not worthy or your attention. You need to redirect that anger towards something substantial.

Racism is worth being angry about you insufferable, condescending brat lmao. Don’t try to therapist me when you’re being openly racist in the main tags.

Bragging about objectifying latinx characters is nothing to be proud of because it is rooted in anti-latinx racism. You absolutely deserve to be told about your nasty self when you whine about a Latino character having his own story arc in a season named after him but talk about how you objectify his actor in the same night. It’s ugly.

Oh, Jesus wept.

You Americans really don’t understand that the rest of the world doesn’t think like you, do you?

I don’t understand what this latinx classification you are alluding to is, my dear. It is not an objective category. It is something from your own cultural understandings. These are issues from your country that you’re projecting on to me. It is not my understanding of the world. There is no anti-latinx racism where I come from. I don’t even know what that means. I don’t understand why Americans refer to people like Gabrile Luna as POC. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Its not my assumption to see Gabriel Luna as racially different from myself. He is a caucassian – I am a caucassian. (Remember that racial classifications are based on the shape of the face, specifically the nose, and not the colour of the skin). That’s is the objective category, if you want one. The term ethnicism would be much more accurate. As he is certainly a different ethnicity than I am. But why this matters so much to you, I really don’t know.

Its terribly worrying that you can’t see the world any other way but through the lense of ethnicism. I think you need to examine your own attitudes to be honest. You seem to think its not okay for people to criticise something if there’s a difference in ethnicity? I find that baffling and a truly dangerous way of thinking.

Neverthless, it doesn’t alter the fact that I have nothing bad to say about the character, the actor or his inclusion on the show. I simply think they’ve given his backstory too much centrality to the detriment of the show’s character. And that this ghost plot if the worst, thank God that’s over.

Also, apart from the fact that I was clearly joking about objectifying Gabriel. (Seriously, did you not get that?). I don’t understand why you have a problem with me finding him attractive or as you see it ‘fetishization’ – really?. Your attitude seems absolutely friggin awful. I assume this means you have a problem with couples of mixed ethnicity, or race as you see it. That’s just sickening tbh.

Once again, I can only remind you that I do not think like you or understand the world from your America-centric view. If you’re determined to think everybody is a racist – even although they disagree with you on what race is – then go ahead. If it makes you happy then do it.

I will say though that even if saying that you don’t care about GR’s backstory and saying that Gabriel is hot could, in some crazy universe, be considered racist. Its still not worth the effort and anger you have decided it is worth. Again, redirect that. Get on a forum and convince people not to vote for Trump or something. Your time could be much better spent.

Seriously, what century did you step out of?

I’m curious because the last time I heard that “racial
classifications are based on facial structure” bullshit, it was coming
from like the eighteenth century but also from white supremacists. Seriously,
please let me borrow your time machine because clearly, you must have used one
to end up in this year spouting such backwards nonsense and I’ve got a list of
historical racists that I long to bare knuckle box.

That being said, I’d like to point out that you aren’t even remotely qualified to have this
discussion. I mean, you’re not from the US, you’re not Latinx (you don’t know
what that is or how to use google to
find out what the term means), and you don’t actually care that you’re doing
anything wrong.

So from the start, you should’ve just ducked your head,
apologized for your incredible ignorance, and tried to do better about it. You
know? Because that’s what decent people do.

Instead, you’ve doubled down on your ignorance, tried to
pretend that because you’re not from the US and don’t get how North American
racial politics work on even the slightest level Latinx people talking to you
are the racist ones, and then pulled that “oh no, you silly americans
don’t get how things work” bullshit.


The person that didn’t even know what Latinx means – and probably
still doesn’t know.


You literally don’t get how things work.

You’re here getting snotty because people called you out for
saying that you plan to objectify a Latinx man specifically because the
character he’s playing isn’t interesting enough for you. So he’s good enough to
lust after, but not enough to actually care about??


Objectification is dehumanizing and a disgusting form of
racism. It’s not something you should joke about. You could’ve just said
“while I’m not a fan of Ghost Rider, I think Gabriel Luna is cool and I
like seeing him onscreen”.

But you didn’t.

You decided to “joke” about objectifying Gabriel
Luna and then, when people mentioned how messed up it was, you decided to be a

Sure, Gabriel Luna may never see your comments, but he will
see similar comments from other people who will see him as a lust object or a
walking talking ~Latin Lover~ void of personality and rights.

On top of that, your comments show that you don’t actually
see Latinx men as people – just sex/lust objects. And you will have Latinx followers who will feel uncomfortable or perhaps
even unsafe because of your initial comments and staunch refusal to learn from

But I’m assuming, that you don’t care about that since
you’re too ignorant to learn what Latinx as a term means or what Latinx representation means to comic fans.  You’re too busy concern trolling and deciding
what fans of color – especially Latinx fans – get to talk about and get angry
over.  Like you literally try and tone
police the person you’re responding to because you think they’re mean and that
“there are so many things worth being angry about”.

Could you be any more of a dick?


Another thing that bugs me is like

so, el diablo is a stereotype but Michael Peña from Ant-Man is just a fun character? is that how it works? Just because he’s a gangster, the character who is reeling from guilt from his past deeds and gets to be one of the big heroes of the film is seen as more of a stereotype than no-last-name Luis, whose van horn literally plays La Cucaracha? Is that really how that works, because something seems off about that.