We COULD touch on the antiblack, colonialist dynamic of inserting Tony as a parental figure in Shuri’s life despite her having parents because she needs to be “civilized” in a way, or fandom feeling entitled to black character’s labor (Wakandan tech) buuuuut hating those black characters are canonically smarter than Tony despite that you were happy to have them give out new toys but are offended too because “Tony is smarter!1” so now u add him “teaching” Shuri science to the clusterfuck of mess

I talked about the weird infantilization fandom likes to do to characters of color in “Bodhi Rook – Looks Like A Cinnamon Roll…” (there, i focus on MOC but it still applies). Fandom has this thing where it likes to be like “here, white couple… have this person of color as a child” and it’s beyond obnoxious. 

With the “Tony adopts Shuri” thing in particular, there’s also that whole thing Brian Michael Bendis started with Riri (and to a lesser extent, Miles) where a young Black hero’s family isn’t supportive enough and so they must turn to a white hero as a mentor. 

Seriously, I blame Bendis for kind of canonizing fandom’s weird shit where they think Tony is just gagging to like adopt all the “unloved” Black kids. 

Oh and that’s the kicker, for Tony to be Shuri’s anything, fandom has to remove her from her actual support and family. They have to take her out of Wakanda, remove her family from her side, make sure Nakia and Okoye aren’t anywhere near, and then they have to basically take away her rightful distrust of white people as colonizers. 

By the end of the day, they’re not writing Shuri. They’re writing a Brown Paper Doll with her name (shout out to @thecheshirecass – i think – for coming up with this term in the context of the Dragon Age fandom. It fits here too, I think.)

They claim to love Shuri so much, but then the character they want Tony to love, adore, and adopt… isn’t her. 

the idea of white people having their own Wakanda is funny to me, cause nearly all of their concepts of utopia are constructed on colonial and exploitative history. like Erik, their concepts of a different world are shaped by dominance and genocide. look at steampunk. or people wanting “fairy tale weddings” at a damned plantation.


How are people imagining Wakandas (or Wakanda-inspired countries) for white characters when like… Wakanda exists despite the colonialism/imperialism/evil of white Europeans? 

How are they so bad at basic history? Did they miss the multiple times that the film pointed at the colonialism and racism of Westerners/Europeans through history as a major problem leading to Wakanda’s existence and isolation?

I’m assuming they were too busy salivating over the bits of Wakanda that they’d take for themselves/their white characters to like… use their critical thinking skills.

If Wakanda exists both because and despite of white colonizers with ingrained/societal anti-blackness feeling entitled to what Black people have and are, what on earth does a “white” Wakanda look like? South Africa during apartheid? One of those all white Mormon towns? 

Like… the very nature of building (or co-opting, in the case of the literal “white ruler of wakanda stories the MCU fandom keeps trying to make happen) a country like Wakanda specifically to center whatever white character they feel deserves what T’challa has is so ridiculous in its racism that I can’t even figure out how people haven’t gotten that it’s just a bad thing to try and write and that it doesn’t even make sense.

And the thing is that they can write about Asgard. They can literally do this with Asgard without the weight of established politics and racism in the mix. But they don’t.

It almost feels like they’re Dudley from Harry Potter getting pissed about not getting enough toys (despite having a shit ton) and are tripping over themselves to make sure they get to play with our toys because they deserve them more…

(Also: every time someone gets married at a plantation, it makes me pretty sure that ghosts either don’t exist or aren’t very effective because the ancestors SHOULD destroy them for the audacity of having their joy in a place where Black people suffered and died for white profit and privilege. Who even DOES that shit?)

Have y’all ever noticed that folks doing these AUs inspired by something centered around Black people never use the Black people in their source material?

I’m not even getting into all the stories that use slavery and the experience of enslaved Black people in the USian South as fodder for white characters. That’s still being saved for a later piece.

I’m talking about the Sleepy Hollow AU where Stiles replaced Abbie and Derek was Ichabod. When it could’ve easily been Boyd or Marin (not sure that’s how you spell her name).

I’m talking about folks who watched the relationship between Zendaya and Zac Efron’s characters in The Greatest Showman and how it was shaken up by the bigotry of the time and immediately went to make Rey/Kylo AUs about it… Including the intolerance they faced for being an interracial couple. No black person necessary, apparently.

And yes, giving a white character like Stiles his own version of Wakanda in Russia falls under this category. Instead of working with the super black source media folks claim to love and centering Boyd perhaps for the first time in a story about Wakanda… Black Panther inspired an author to well… Write about white people.

The MCU fandom sucks at this to, centering the white heroes and villains in the MCU in many of their Black Panther inspired fanworks. They’re largely not writing stories about Rhodey and Sam in Wakanda or the Luke Cage cast meeting T’challa…

It’s all about the white people.

Even though it never makes sense.

do you ever go through the ao3 tag for black panther looking for good non-racist fics and then cry because you have to wade through pages of erik/t’challa incest and people shipping shuri with white men twice her age (or t’challa with natasha/tony/insert white character) and my girl nakia getting sidelined and not getting the love she deserves. fandom makes me tired.


Like I’ve shipped and written Some Shit in my time, but even at my most problematic I can’t imagine that I’d watch something like Black Panther and come out of it deciding to write like… any of the stuff that fandom has gravitated to post-BP. It just would have felt disrespectful to me.

Which I guess is the problem considering that many (but not all, unfortunately) of the people writing the stuff you mentioned aren’t Black and they’re not approaching the film with even a smidge of respect for the narrative, the characters, or Black people in general. Like half of the stories aren’t even about the film’s characters – they’re about archetypes fandom thinks they fit, kinks fandom wants to read regardless of whether or not it’s in character for the characters to partake in them, and white people who weren’t even in the movie.

I honestly have a problem with that.

And seriously, fandom is so dang exhausting. That’s why I think we’re going to need a Black Panther rec-list in the same vein as the awesome Sam-centric one that @unclesteeb and @lunaaltare put together last year because fandom is literally THE WORST and I’m pretty sure it’s like… almost entirely purposeful. (Also, I think an AO3 collection exists already for BP stories like the ones we deserve, but I don’t know if anything’s been posted to it yet.)

Clearly, we’re going to need to carve out our own space in the Black Panther fandom because we’re literally not allowed to have nice things as/about Black people??


If you want to know what racism and anti-blackness in fandom looks like you just have to take a look at the tags for Supergirl and James Olsen these days, and watch fandom mischaracterize (ie lie) about what a black character has done, demonize him, and spew all sort of hatred for a canon couple featuring a black man and fandom’s favorite white woman. Bonus for the way these fans throw disabled fans under the bus by gleefully using an ableist term to name the ship they dislike.

The James Olsen tag is mostly comprised by hate for his character. These people shipping two white women misguidedly claim that a romance between a black man and a white woman is “heteronormative”, misappropiating the word, because there’s nothing “normative” about interracial romances, and very rarely we get to see a black man as romantic and desirable.

They take one episode in s2 where James (along with everybody else in Kara’s life, including Alex, a white woman people have no problem shipping Lena with) distrusted Lena and then ADMITED HE WAS WRONG and apologized in the same episode and they claim that “James has spent years distrusting Lena or talking trash behind her back”. They take that episode and one scene in this season where James worried Lena might have accidentally caused the lead poisoning (he explicitly said he believed it wasn’t on purpose, and this is what Lena herself believed) while, in true Fandom Racism 101, they ignore or erase all their positive interactions, like James saving Lena’s life twice (he took a bullet for her), or defending her and her company in the first episode of the season, or his offers of help and support for her as head of CatCo despite Lena trying to profesionally sideline him even though James had been in charge of the company for a whole season, or how he straight up told her he saw her as more than a extension of her brother. Fandom paints their mutual , good-natured (and obviously romantic) banter in the office as unhealthy, toxic and misogynistic.

James started Supergirl as the male lead and the romantic interest of the protagonist, only to be sidelined and his relationship erased from the show’s canon for the sake of pairing Kara with a problematic frat boy that forced into the trope of “woman has to make shitty white boy a better man” yet now fandom is claiming Karamel is better than James/Lena. Hell, you can even see a few posts where they say Lena has more chemistry with the man who tried to kill her, destroy her company and framed her for poisoning children than with James. And then they claim that it (or the running joke about how Lena has more chsmitry with inanimate objects than a black man) has nothing to do with race, and they are just being critical of the ship (where do their critical faculties go when it comes to their own fandom? No one knows).

They claim the James/Lena romance have “no chemistry” (an accusation historically levelled at interracial romances on tv, including James/Kara in season 1 of Supergirl) or that it was rushed, despite the fact that every romance on Supergirl is rushed (but they don’t complain about the other romances) and that James/Lena had been set up since the first episode of this season.

The lack of self-awareness in this fandom is atonishing. They do not realize how it looks when they post about an interracial romance with screams of “ew!”, “gross!” or “disgusting!”. They will use the fact that they ship two white women to belittle any other kind of representation, or excuse their blatant racism – when they themselves had pretended to be the “woke” group in fandom, criticizing the racism in sidelining James as a romantic interest for Mon-el or in casting a white woman for a Latinx character with Maggie. Those critcisms are valid but now it’s clear these people were only faking concern for racial representation, since they’ve turned around and treated James and James/Lena this way. And as a white queer person I’m tired of their bullish behavior in thinking marginalization as LGBT trumps race issues (making QWOC feel unwelcome in this fandom in the process) and using queer oppression to not practice intersectionality and spread racism in this already racist fandom. It’s offensive to our community and I’m tired.

I’m going to leave some receipts here, in case anyone wants to claim this never happens, because the Supergirl fandom needs to start being critical of these things.


tl;dr: the Supergirl fandom needs to take out the trash and stop this lastest hate campaign against a black character


Black Panther was awesome.

But like I’m seeing a number of fans (not a majority of them, just some of them) react to this movie with claims of ownership like “this is ours”, “this belongs to our community”, “this is for us”, “this isn’t for you” and so on. Obviously this doesn’t apply to most of the wonderful fans, just a small but vocal minority of them, but


Did you actually watch the movie.

The movie in which one of the main character’s central arcs is realizing the foolishness and folly of keeping everything important to your people all to yourself and shunning the rest of the world.

The movie in which the entire point is explaining how the whole “This is OUR thing!” ideology is actually just a really shitty, selfish, cowardly, closed-minded attitude and you’re absolutely terrible for forsaking other people to perpetuate it.

Do you not see the irony here?

This post is honestly a huge heaping load of “you’re the real racist for being protective of Black Panther”.

Have you seen what fandom does to Black characters? What it’s already tried to do to the characters in Black Panther?

  • Stories placing a white character on the throne of Wakanda (frequently by killing off T’challa and sometimes his sister)
  • Slavery stories where T’challa and other Black characters are enslaved (or are “concubines”)
  • Bonus: “concubines” are basically glorified slaves in fandom and Wakanda wouldn’t have those either. (That one weirdo and her defenders with the concubine Bucky story idea.)
  • Purposefully whitewashed art (either literally replacing T’challa with a white guy or not putting any effort in to drawing the characters of Black Panther as they are)
  • Centering white characters (not just Ross or Klaue who were IN the movie, but Bucky, Steve, and other white Avengers) in headcanons and stories that are ostensibly about these Black characters
  • The cry of fandom misogynoir across the ages: “I don’t know why, but I just don’t like Nakia/Shuri/Okoye”
  • People literally write stories reacting in a racist way to Shuri being smarter than Tony Stark (like stories where she’s “put in her place”) in addition to posts and comments calling her a Mary Sue
  • Sugar daddy T’challa stories and headcanons where he exists only to do things for white characters
  • Gross (and frankly out of character) incest stories where Erik is in a relationship with T’challa or Shuri (which is like doubly gross…)

Using the plot of Black Panther to try and shame black people into playing nice with racists across fandom is such a bad look, my dude.

Black people get to claim Black Panther for ourselves and we get to be obnoxious about it because fandom is full of people who like to tell us that we don’t belong and that the focus of x superhero movie is really one of several white characters. We’re constantly defending ourselves and characters that look like us and with Black Panther, many black people in fandom have finally had enough.

We saw what they did/do to Rhodey, Sam, and Black characters in “predominantly white” media.

Excuse us for wanting to shut that shit down here.

Like are we supposed to bow down your mastery and great understanding of what T’challa would really want? Is he supposed to be the new MLK for Black folks in fandom? Like T’challa opened up Wakanda in order to help Black people across the diaspora – yes, that’s ACTUALLY what that was about – and you think that means we’re supposed to be anything but protective of that movie and its characters?

(Also, in the interest of full disclosure: I’ve blocked you. Preemptively. Because I highly doubt that your response is going to be a “oh wow, I didn’t know fandom was this bad… Let me delete this post” and I don’t have the spoons to deal with the nonsense you’ll probably spew despite being on Beyonce’s internet and fully capable of googling antiblackness in fandom/fandom racism in order to get just a teeny weeny glance at what we deal with in fandom. This is for both our sakes.)



honestly i cant wait for more black fic writers to write black panther fic. cuz like. and this has been my experience so far on my 2 (two) visits to the black panther tag on ao3. but. the only people bothering to write good fanfic for bp are black people and the difference in quality and the way they treat the film and it’s characters are so obvious from just titles and summaries and tags that you dont even have to bother on clicking it you can just tell if it’s good or not

For example:

I’m literally screaming.

This is just… awful.