The thing is all the antiblack racism in fandom, isn’t new in its use of racism. They cycle though the same racism stereotypes and fit the ones on that they think fit the best. But a lot of this boils down to black people not being seen as people and or individuals separate of nonblacks people. We exist on a spectrum from the saintlike nonthreatening blacks people who exist to take care of nonblacks usually to the detriment of their own wellbeing(Sam)(T’Challa),

and erased from the narrative or vilified depending on how best to be pushed aside(Rhodey)(Nick). But with both we still exist in connection to nonblack people either as their asexual mammy, Mandingo, therapist, or the angry negro, the shady black pesron, and the savage. They can’t fathom we exist as actual people that’s why even before the Black Panther movie comes out their trying to make it about Bucky.

Fandom is so stressful because this always happens whenever there are Black characters in a piece of media. Fandom either figures out a way to use them to shore up their ships or they find out a way to make them a bad guy (that the ship has to band together to take down or something). 

(Normally, I’d say something about how it’s all about white dude slash ships, but I just read a Darcy/Steve story where Nick Fury was positioned as a minor bad guy interrupting their happy rom-com of a life for asking Steve to be a little less conspicuous and to let them know that they’re not safe running around New York like they’re on an episode of Friends.)

And Black fans of stuff know this isn’t new. 

Our friends know this isn’t new. 

Nonblack POC who are fans of characters of color (like Elementary’s Joan) who’ve seen the fandom spin machine at play get it. 

The only people who don’t get that rewriting Black characters as villains, nannies, wingmen, and jealous exes so that they can prop up a  non-canon ship between two white characters is a bad and constant thing are the people who don’t want to get it. 

I mean… considering how you can google this shit? And how there are blogs dedicated to talking about racism in fandom spaces? There’s a point where “I didn’t know” becomes “i didn’t want to know”. Because you can literally track the cycles and the racism and the hate for Black characters in their tags and in fandom meta posts. 

It’s not that hard.

Fandom’s treatment of T’Challa is a PRIME example of the conditional “love” that black characters are given. Also, the way white/nonblack Team Iron Man and Team Cap fought over having a powerful black monarch on their respective sides seriously verged on slave masters fighting over a prospective field hand, especially T*ny stans + how they only said T’Challa (and T’Chaka) was a good guy because he was supposedly supporting T*ny all the way + Team Cap saying T’Challa had “devoted” his life to

serving the Avengers/Team Cap, when that just wasn’t the
case + they only sang his praises when he spared Bucky and granted him asylum.
Yet, 90% of Team Cap was full on ready to hate T’Challa beforehand + Team Iron
Man have started hating T’Challa for “betraying + using” T*ny. This
so called “love” for T’Challa stems entirely from being nice to white
characters + 98% of meta about “loving” him is really just about the
white characters and ignore what a complex character T’Challa is

But, I’m not in the
least bit surprised because I KNEW that the second it was revealed T’Challa
wasn’t really on T*ny’s side or here for his white warmonger/war profiteering
bs, the Team Iron Man camp who claimed to respect + love him would whip out
nasty remarks, slurs and think pieces tearing him down. And, Team Cap twisting
the narrative of T’Challa aiding a persecuted, innocent man into T’Challa being
the Sugar Daddy + Wakanda as an exotic new playground/vacation destination for

I’m with you 100% here!

The “conditional love” fandom has for Black
characters (and Black people in general, to be honest) is ridiculous. I
remember how when a bunch of queer Black fans were first fucking around and
crackshipping T’chucky/WinterPanther how a ton of white fans rushed to concern troll
their way into their inboxes. From the start, these people in fandom were like “oh
T’challa might not be cool to the white guys I like so I’m going to dislike

All they had at that point were a few seconds of trailer
footage where T’challa kicked some ass and they decided that he was going to be
a bad guy.

Not only that, but they framed it that shipping T’challa with Bucky (even
for the sake of crackfic) was the worst thing ever that they could do TO BUCKY. This from a fandom where there
at least 400 stories about shipping Bucky with Rumlow, a man who was an active
participant in Bucky’s subjugation and dehumanization (and that’s without me
looking to see how many of those stories on AO3 have to do with the Hydra Trash
Fire, mind you).

Remember that there was a point where (presumably non-black)
members of fandom were sidling up into Black folks’ inbox with some
“T’chucky is abusive because T’challa was fighting Bucky in the
trailers” bullshit like Steve and Bucky didn’t fight through Winter
Soldier or like Steve/Tony isn’t a huge MCU ship despite Steve clearly disliking
Tony throughout their moments and you know, Steve beating the actual hell out
of Tony in Civil War.

But now, months after we’ve all seen the film (or at least
the end credit scenes), T’challa has been redeemed. He’s protected two of
Fandom’s fave white guys (although I assume there are some Team Tony fans who
believe that T’challa betrayed him in some way because ~fandom~) and now that Bucky
is currently on ice in Wakanda (and under T’challa’s care), it means that he’s safe to them in a way he
wasn’t before.

You could practically see
the change happen in fandom.

They went from painting T’challa as this horrible monster out
to hurt their precious Bucky to well – seeing him as a sugar daddy who exists
to spend money on the Avengers in thanks for what – getting his dad killed.

Note how fast SAM became
the monster that T’challa no longer was once we all saw that end credits scene?
How the “Sam has righteous beef with Bucky” memes turned to “Sam
is abusive and would purposefully hurt Bucky”?

I mean that’s a really good example of the conditions fandom
places on Black characters in the MCU. The second they vaguely even vathreaten a white fave or
stop being useful to one, fandom pushes them into the villain slot.

Nick Fury moves from nanny to nemesis in Winter Soldier for
not immediately handing over his plans to deal with the Hydra trash.

Rhodey moves from Tony’s wingman to the worst friend in the
world over the course of trying to save Tony from himself and a sure death.

And Sam –

Sam went from fandom’s therapist to the Avengers to a guy
who would purposefully trigger Bucky’s PTSD and interfere in his friendship
with Steve because he’s apparently a dick now that he has more of a personality
(because fandom has built him up as this "safe” and silent character
who wouldn’t at all coddle Bucky and manage his PTSD the way they expected.
Fandom took years building Sam up as
this saintlike figure who only wanted to make the Avengers better people and
then once he showed the slightest hint of serious annoyance with one of their
white faves and an actual personality beyond what he showed Steve?

They literally demonized him.

And yeah, now T’challa is shiny and new to non-black fans.

He’s got billions to his name and Wakanda, a lovely paradise
for white tourists Avengers to come and take in the sights and the ~savages~. He’s nice to
the big fandom faves and doesn’t have much to say about the white guy that
fandom currently doesn’t love. So of course, fandom is going to forgo any
research on T’challa’s character, his family, or his country because that just
makes it easier for them to sanitize his character and turn him into this
squishy, gushy, loverboy toy for the Avengers.

I’m assuming that once the next Black male character is
introduced in the MCU, fandom will have to decide whether or not they want to
choose between this man and the richest man in the MCU. 

It won’t be Luke Cage
(because he’s Black in a different way that can’t be softened and because fandom
preferred to ship Jessica with her actual abuser rather than the man that’ll
eventually be her husband if this vaguely keeps close to canon) but it will be someone.