There’s a documentary called 400 years without a comb and the documents how Black people specially Black women had to deal with slavery and subsequently not being able to take care of their hair the way that they knew at home because they were taken and they weren’t able to take any tools with them because slavery. It talks about how Eurocentric beauty standards were pushed up on black women because they’ve never seen hair like ours before and subsequently that shit is carried to this day.

I think about that documentary every time I buy a wig every time I buy a weave and everytime someone criticizes black women for doing so buying a wig buying a weave for straightening their hair whatever would have you. It is absolutely infuriating to me that people do not have the cultural and historical context when it comes to Black women and our hair before they feel the need to criticize us for what we do to make sure that our hair is healthy and that it’s presentable in the way that we wanted to be presented because we know if our hair isn’t a certain way then we’re going to have an issue.

It’s not our issues it’s shit that’s projected onto it is things that we have no fucking control over but everybody always has such extensive comments to say about our hair. how we should keep it and how we should wash it and if we should go natural or if we have the right type of natural hair (the hierarchy in natural hair is another issue entirely but it’s exhausting too) and it’s like shut the fuck up. Because at the end of the day you don’t have to deal with this shit you don’t have to deal with people making assumptions about you your hygiene your sense of self hell even your socioeconomic status based solely on your hair. It’s annoying because nobody wants to talk about how ostracized Black women are for the hair that grows out of their heads, but they so QUICK to tease, or comment, or to mock.

So it’s like yes we going to wear a weave and we’re going to wear a wig and we’re going to wear braids. I’m going to wear whatever the fuck else that we need to so that we don’t have issues and that we don’t get accosted by managers or accosted by school teachers or principals or expelled or fired or told to cut our hair because it’s not proper when it’s what grows out of our head. Nobody wants to talk about this when they criticize weaves and wigs and extensions and everything that we’ve developed in order to navigate through this system that envies us and maligns us at the same damn time. When you are able to find a better solution you let me know until then shut the fuck up.

How are you going to ask someone to do labor and then get huffy when they ask you to pay them for it?

I guess their question wasn’t very genuine after all… since they don’t want to give me $5 to get the opinion they asked for.

This is someone that clearly doesn’t respect me or my work considering that they’ve decided that I’m not really a good educator and someone just in it for the money. (You know, when I make all of maybe $200 on Patreon and most of that goes to my health insurance…)

Don’t ever do this, folks.

Don’t ever ask someone to do labor (and yes, asking a Black person to give you their thoughts on slavery in fiction IS labor) only to turn around and accuse them of not actually wanting to educate people.

My actual website is a free resource. My Twitter is a free resource. The things I post on this website (barring links to my patreon or books I’m in) are free resources. When I link to something I’ve written on another website (that I’ve previously been paid for), that’s a free resource.

If you wanted my thoughts and opinions for free, you should stick with those avenues. They’re all available and have relatively accessible search functions.

Don’t disrespect me or my career in progress by saying that charging for my work (not my opinions, that’s a thousand word essay I linked them to) is a sign that I don’t really care about educating people.

I’ve blocked the person in the screenshots and I’m not going to engage with them anymore, but I needed y’all to see an example of how not to engage with people YOU want help from.

In case y’all wanted to block (just block, don’t engage with) the antiblack butthole who wrote that story and didn’t know their name on tumblr… Here they are.

I usually don’t do stuff like this, but it’s better to block these people from now because clearly, this is someone that has no qualms responding to callouts for racism with more racism. There’s no way this ends with them genuinely understanding the racism behind what they did.

A lot of nonblack people are going to show their asses when BP comes out. They’re already showing their asses. So block, mock, and move on so that we can all get together and celebrate the film and it’s characters with like minded folks.

This isn’t a new phenomenon among Asian youth. There are Korean pop stars sporting Black protective styles as a way to follow trends and fit an image with their music, Japanese youth transforming into their own versions of Black people with a sub-culture of “B-Style,” Indonesian rapper Rich Chigga using the n-word both as a combination with his stage name and in the song that skyrocketed him to American fame, and a “Vine” star turned “Love and Hip Hop” cast member using Black culture to her advantage (and taking on a racist stereotypical Asian caricature for comedy) and then attacking Black people for calling out her use of AAVE and protective styles.

Trust me, Black people want for all POC to get along and fight White supremacy as a collective, but y’all don’t know how to act! Black culture shouldn’t be an outlet for anyone to express their rebellion, as if blackness is inherently deviant.

This use of Black culture is a disrespect not only for the Black and Latin creators of hip-hop, but to your fellow Black POC, who only have hip-hop as the last standing thing that is recognized as unequivocally Black in nature and creation.


With all the fuckery that’s been going on in the finnpoe fandom over the past month or so I figure now would be good a time as any to write about one of my most hated aspects of most finnpoe fanfics.

And that for me is the prioritization of Poe’s feelings over Finn’s.
I’m sure you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I bring up some examples.The few and far between fics that are willing to acknowledge that Finn has trauma in the first place (that’s a post for another day) will usually go out of their way to write about Poe’s feelings on the matter. Now that in itself isn’t inherently problematic, but a lot of authors make it so with how this type of scene usually plays out.

Finn mentions some of his abuse at the hands of the First Order and Poe responds by crying/having a panic attack/or otherwise making a scene that should be focused almost entirely on Finn’s feelings, suddenly center on Poe and how HE feels about Finn’s abuse.
I’ve seen it way too many times to come up with every single instance of this, but one that stuck in my mind in particular was a fic that’s been (thankfully) taken down. Finn is/or was in an abusive relationship with Hux, and you’d assume a hurt/comfort fic would focus on his pain or recovery or something right? Well maybe if Finn was white/white passing anyways…
In actuality Finn spent the majority of the fic comforting Poe who’s having a panic attack. WHY Poe’s having a panic attack? Not sure exactly but I can only assume it’s because Finn mentioned he was abused or something.
Finn, the abuse victim, the one that should be getting comforted….is doing all the damn comforting here.

And this is not the only time this has happened, it was just one of the worst of its kind.

@sithchirrut Said something a while back that described the finnpoe fandom perfectly: It’s Violently Poe Centric.

As sithchirrut has so helpfully pointed out recently here and here, Poe Dameron is a 32 year old man who has had a relatively normal life, an actual childhood, and his own support system, whereas Finn is a 23 year old who’s been abused his whole life, never had a childhood, and whose only friends he’s just recently made after escaping his abusers.

And yet, the average hurt/comfort finnpoe fic will have Finn taking care of or comforting Poe. Comforting him after a nightmare (because Poe ALWAYS has the nightmares), taking care of Poe after a panic attack, and always making sure Poe feels ok after he starts crying when Finn tells him something the First Order did…… to Finn.

Hell some fics even go out of their way to make sure Poe has more trauma than Finn! For every acknowledgement of Finn’s trauma Poe has to go through 3 times the trauma in order to justify focusing on Poe’s pain more than Finn’s.
Finn has an abusive family? Well Poe was a POW that was tortured for months nonstop. Finn is a trans man whose family is transphobic and abusive and he was even assaulted by a transphobe? Well Poe is a physically disfigured veteran that’s so mentally scarred he’s incapable of interacting with other people, so there!

(And yes these are all actual fics that are probably still up right now)

All of this stems from incredibly gross antiblack racism. Black characters (and by extension, people) are always expected to take care of everyone else, especially non black characters. Non black people consider our trauma as lesser than and this isn’t a problem that’s unique to fandom. Doctors and other medical professionals have been proven to believe that black people don’t feel pain the way they do!

And that’s the problem with fandom racism as a whole. I don’t care what the beautifullights, the Zoe_Damerons, and the BinahBees of this fandom says. Fandom racism is real racism and it affects real people. Now I’m sure they, and their friends don’t care either way about the brown and black people they are hurting,  but maybe someone out here does.

Finn doing all of the physical and emotional labor in the relationship is racist, and it’s inexcusable. Black people are subjected to this kind of racism everyday, and when you write fics like these? Yeah, you’re contributing to that racism.

The problem isn’t Poe’s sadness over Finn’s trauma, the problem is when Poe’s sadness is prioritized over Finn’s trauma.