It’s kinda fucked up how many antisemitic things just become like.  Fun memes on Tumblr.

Like y’all know “lizard person” doesn’t mean a literal lizard person right?  Y’all know that’s just coding for “Jews that control the world” right???



Same Hate

My foster daughter came home for dinner and we’re watching the AMA’s. Macklemore came on and she went nuts. She knows I’m Jewish. She knows I can’t stand the guy. She doesn’t seem to care.

In 2014, Macklemore appeared at a show in Seattle and performed his hit song “Thrift Shop” dressed in a bowl-cut wig, a large hooked nose, and a black suit. He looked like a stereotypical Hasidic Jew. When called out on it, he made a slew of excuses. He has yet to really apologize – he’s done nothing but explain it away as something he didn’t intend.

If he had dressed in blackface, regardless of the song, his career would have been over. Nobody would schedule him for shows, nobody would buy his albums…they’d point to that incident and refuse to forgive him regardless of his excuse (“I didn’t want to be recognized” never would have been acceptable). Tonight he appeared on an awards show and my kid still thinks he’s the shit.

If you don’t understand why we would be hurt by what he did and how he handled it afterward, think of how you’d feel about someone lampooning your culture. Put that spotlight on Macklemore and you’ll have an idea of why I’m still pissed at him. “Same Love” is not enough to forgive him. He owes my people a lot more than “that wasn’t my idea of a stereotype.”

If he had dressed in blackface, regardless of the song, his career would have been over. Nobody would schedule him for shows, nobody would buy his albums…they’d point to that incident and refuse to forgive him regardless of his excuse (“I didn’t want to be recognized” never would have been acceptable). Tonight he appeared on an awards show and my kid still thinks he’s the shit.

Uh…no. Billy Crystal did it on the Academy Awards, and people still defended it. People take pictures of themselves in blackface all the time and call it a joke, and people still defend it.

Can we not use Black folks as rhetorical props like this, especially when saying flat-out untrue things about how people respond to white people dehumanizing us and treating us like a joke?

Yes, they do that to Black people, and yes, they get away with it.


A Black Jew

Antisemitism is weird


Jews are “white” until we’re not.

Antisemitism is weird. It’s more about trivializing us and discounting us  – until the economy collapses and suddenly we have some kind of secret agenda to control the world. It sneaks under the radar as jokes and yinglish and comedy stereotypes – until suddenly windows are being broken and swastikas are being spray-painted and pigs heads are being thrown at synagogues.  

It’s about me meeting someone at summer camp who sidled up to me and whispered, “Can you show me your horns? I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

It’s about the erasure of Mizrahim, Sephardim, Black Jews, South Asian Jews, Jews everywhere in the world who don’t match the stereotype.  It’s about, “Funny, you don’t look Jewish.”

It’s about the fiction of “Judeo-Christian” and how we’re all one people under G-d, until suddenly we’re not. 

It’s about “get over the Holocaust already” and “there have been lots of genocides in history” and “the Holocaust was a hoax”.  It’s about “not all German soldiers were Nazis” and “okay yeah, the pope was a member of the Hitler Youth but he says he’s sorry” and “the swastika has been used by a lot of cultures besides the Nazis.”  

It’s about the way we straddle the line between religion and ethnicity (or race), and about my grandmother, who used to remind me, “You can eat bacon on Yom Kippur, but when the Nazis come, to them you’re still a Jew.”

It’s about Godwin’s Law, which uses Jews as metaphor, but renders it almost impossible to speak about the actual Jewish historical experience because the moment you mention Hitler, Nazism or the Holocaust you “lose the argument.”

It’s about an article called “You Can Get Upset About That Captain America Twist, You Just Shouldn’t”.

It’s about Hail Hydra.




Okay we need to talk about the whitewashing of Gal Gadot.

One of my few issues with the movie Wonder Woman is that they really do lighten Gal’s skin.

I see it a lot happening a lot in photos of her that are from magazines, promotional stuff, and even in fan edits.

Now seeing photos of her with Eugene Brave Rock and Saïd Taghmaoui from the set you can see just how much they have lightened her skin.

Because those photos are not promotional ones and rather they were taken for fun so they were not edited and touched up.

Here is a image of her in the film

She is pale here and look at these photos and you will see how much they changed her skin tone

(Gal Gadot and Saïd Taghmaoui)

(Eugene Brave Rock and Gal Gadot)

And looking at the Justice League stuff they have done it again with the lightening of her skin as well as doing the same to Ezra Miller which they lightened considerably more the Gal Gadot.

But either way they shouldn’t being doing it all.

It is really upsetting that they are doing this.

As I have pointed out before here we have two Jewish actors that look distinctively ethnically Jewish, but are literally whitewashed so they don’t look that way.

I have mixed feelings about this post. One the one hand, yes I agree that lightening actors’ skin tones to make them more “attractive” is always disgusting because it reinforces white supremacist standards of beauty. That being said, Gal Gadot IS Ashkenazi. Her parents were light-skinned German (and Dutch, Australia, etc.) Jews who changed their last name to be more Hebrew. I don’t want to even touch the “Are Ashkenazim white?” debate, but I’m hesitant to apply the term “white-washing” to us, at least in terms of skin color.

Whether or not Gal Gadot is white, she DOES have white skin. She lived in Israel her entire life so she has a solid tan, but that doesn’t necessarily make her “of color.” If the movie producers decided to make white skin look a little more white, that DOES reinforces white supremacy, but is NOT the same as if they literally white-washed someone like Eugene Brave Rock (or the countless Black models who appear nearly white on magazine covers).

HOWEVER, I’m not saying white-washing can never be applied to Ashkenazim! If, for example, Gal had an aquiline nose that was SFX’d to look smaller, or she had tight curly hair that she was forced to straighten, that WOULD be white-washing of Jewish features, because it would be making her look more Goyische. But that’s not what they did. In fact, not only did they let her keep her Israeli accent, but they used it as a base from which they modeled the accents of ALL the Amazons, and personally I think that’s really cool???

Lastly you have to look at the photos from a design perspective. The setting of the first one is under cloud cover, in No Man’s Land, which has a very cool, muted pallette. EVERYTHING looks pale in that lighting. The second is inside a cave(?) with bright sunlight outside. Since the subjects aren’t silhouettes and the sunlight isn’t blinding, that means that the photographer either used a warm-toned flash or did some serious light editing in Photoshop to make them visible (or most likely, they did both). The third photo is at dawn, which gives EVERYTHING a soft warm glow. In short, the three photos simply aren’t comparable. Now, if you showed me a shot of Gal from the set of Themyscira side-by-side with a movie still from the same set, and in the movie still she was considerably lighter, then I’d consider whether she was white-washed, and what that means for a light-skinned Jewish person. Just from these photos, though, I’m not convinced they even did that.

Thank you for making this post, because it’s important to stay vigilant, protect what little representation in media we have, and hold it to high standards, but I’m not sure it’s as bad as you make it out to be. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on what I’ve brought up!

Ok so this has actually been bothering me for the last couple of days. 

It has been like this itch under my skin that I can’t get too and I can’t ignore so I’m gonna respond.

First of please look at other photos from the film, also promotional material for the film as well as promotional material for anything that has her or a magazine photo of her and you will see again the whitening of her skin.

Gal does have a pretty heavy accent so it makes sense for them to go with her accent for the Amazonians also this will allow her accent to stand out from the other characters because why would Diana have an English accent or american or french.

Also I have pointed out that Ezra Miller also has been severally whitewashed.

Also just because her parents are light skinned doesn’t mean anything.

Both my parents are light skinned but that doesn’t mean anything. Like if I was comfortable posting photos of my family I would show a photo of me with my sisters and you will see that one of my sisters is brown. 

Like people have thought she was latnix, native american, black, and pacific island even though she is not and we don’t have any of those genes in my family genetic makeup.

So the idea that just because her parents are light skinned automatically means their child is, is ridiculous and false.

Also if her parents lived in germany does not make them ethnically german or have german genetics.

Why is her parents changing their last name to a Hebrew one being used as a way to disprove anything.

What does her last name have to do with anything. Also knowing the history of how Ashkenazi Jews got their last names I wouldn’t blame any Jewish person for changing their last name to a Hebrew one.

I would like to change my last name to a Hebrew one. 

And I honestly do not understand why people keep bringing up the changing of the last name at all. Seriously what the fuck does it have to do with anything.

Just because you don’t want to say that Jews can’t be whitewashed doesn’t mean that it is not a thing that happens.

Also I flat out stated that it is not as bad as it could be but the fact is that it happened at all.

Also I again want to bring up Ezra Miller.

They are turned him white as like milk.

Also I have seen so many fan edits of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman where she too is given skin the color of like milk.

It is whitewashing plain and simple. 

Taking a Jewish person and whitening/lightening their skin is whitewashing plain and simple even if they are light skinned. 

While the film didn’t lighten her skin as drastically as say Justice League did with Ezra Miller that fact is they did it all.

It is wrong and it is antisemitic.

First You Came for the Trans Women: An Open Letter to the Chicago Dyke March Collective


Members of the Chicago Dyke March Collective (CDMC),

am a Jew. I am also the first trans woman to have been a member of
your collective. I am writing in regards to your collective’s
decision to ask three women carrying Jewish pride flags to leave the
2017 Chicago Dyke March.

interest in questions regarding inclusion at the Chicago Dyke March
goes at least as far back as 2009, the year when I became a core
member of your collective. Almost immediately I became concerned when
another core member violated a trans woman’s privacy in such a way
that, had it happened to me, I would have considered it a violation
of my sexual boundaries. In the backlash that ensued after I voiced
my complaint other core members put their feelings before trans
women’s need for safety and scapegoated me. It was only after the
aforementioned core member of your collective violated my sexual
boundaries, demonstrating even to the most loyal member of your
collective that my concerns were justified, that the verbal abuse
subsided. But still no justice. It was nearly two years before
representatives of your collective met with me to talk about what had
happened. Your collective made four promises to me and to Chicago’s
queer and trans community. It immediately kept the only promise that
required it to do nothing substantial—the promise to publicly
apologize. To this day it has not kept its other three promises. But
it has found new ways to hurt me, including publishing personal
correspondence that had the potential to out me. The last time I asked
CDMC about its cascading failure, it gave me no collective answer,
but in 2012 one of its members responded in a way that now seems like
eerie foreshadowing: She said that your collective owed me nothing
because I had already gotten my “pound of flesh”, thus drawing a
connection between me and an antisemitic caricature.

am hardly the only one who wants answers from your collective. Many
people are now asking, “Was the Chicago Dyke March Collective’s
decision to ask three Jewish women to leave the march antisemitic?”
It is a fair question. The political right likes to use
divide-and-conquer schemes to keep us from uniting to confront
oppression. As April Rosenblum argued in The Past Didn’t Go
, one of the most successful instances of this scheme has
been the scapegoating of Jewish people to keep us from focusing on
our real oppressors. Blaming diasporic Jewish people for the actions
of the State of Israel is the latest variation on a theme at least as
old as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

course not all fair questions have “yes” as an answer. To find
out if your collective’s actions play
into systemic bias against Jewish people
we need to look at the facts. I was not at the march, so I will
charitably assume the
account your
collective gave
in its statement is true.
wrote, “We have since
learned that at least one of these individuals is a regional director
for A Wider Bridge” (emphasis mine). Does
need to be said that what
you learned about one of the Jewish women after you asked her to
leave the march could not have been the reason you asked the
to leave the march? You also wrote that the women were
Israeli flags superimposed on rainbow flags”. If the flags you were
referring to were like the one seen in a photograph published to the
web site of the Windy City Times
on Saturday, there was nothing superimposed on them besides
Stars of David, making them no different from the Jewish pride flags
I first saw at Dyke March in 2005 (five years before A Wider Bridge
was founded). The Star of David is a symbol of Judaism and my people,
the Jewish people, and there is nothing inherently Zionist about it.
It is evident to me that your collective has put some people’s
feelings before Jewish queer women’s need for queer community.

I find no comfort in
your assurance that “anti-Zionist Jewish volunteers and supporters
are welcome at Dyke March and were involved in conversations with the
individuals who were asked to leave”. For one thing, Jewish people,
including those of us who express our pride through the use of Jewish
symbolism, should not have to be extensively educated on all
political viewpoints before we can participate in an event that is
purportedly for all “dyke, queer, and trans” people. For another,
all too often Jewish people are subjected to a political litmus test
that non-Jewish people are not. (Nobody asked me what my views on
Palestine were before they found out I had Jewish ancestry. Such
selective outspokenness on Palestine does a disservice to both Jews
and Palestinians.) Finally, it reminds me of the reassurances I heard
after your collective violated me—that there were trans people who
nevertheless stood among you. The goal of solidarity is not to
collect oppressed people to insulate yourself from criticism even
while you crush us. Rather, the goal of solidarity is to stand with
all who are being crushed throughout our struggles even while we
resist internalized oppression. In 2010 your collective’s
insistence that I was “welcome” to participate in a march with
people who had hurt me did not stop your collective from violating me again. And
in 2017 your collective’s insistence that the Jewish people you
approve of are “welcome” to participate in a march where my
people have been harassed does not make your collective any less antisemitic.


On The Supporting the Troops and the Israeli Double Standard


Everyone who is calling Israeli Gal Gadot a “shit human being” for posting a message supporting the IDF must also call every American movie star who wrote “support our troops” during the Iraq War a “shit human being.“ 

Do you see the double standard? And if not, are you blind? 

I realize tumblr is a place where we like to rush to judgment on people, but I’ve gotta say, supporting the troops in a country with COMPULSORY MILITARY SERVICE should be taken with a bit of a grain of salt. 

I’m also tired of people giving Hamas blanket immunity to criticism. Their rocket fire isn’t helping anyone. Just because they’re on the weaker and more wronged side doesn’t make them immune to criticism. Their “fire rockets at civilians all the damn time” strategy is not only ineffective, it’s counter-productive. 

I’m not going to call every person who supports their country’s military a “shit human being” when you consider the reality of how and why people end up in the military and the fact that even in scenarios where one side is clearly doing excessive damage to the other, both sides are capable of being enormous idiots and the people caught in the middle are still caught in the middle. I want a peaceful solution here and neither the current Israeli government or Hamas are going to make that possible with their extreme actions.

Again, military service in Israel is COMPULSORY. That means that every Jewish citizen who isn’t ultra-orthodox (for now), HAS to join the army. Men AND women. Not supporting the troops is like saying you don’t care about every damn kid in the country between the ages of 18-21. 

But, you know, they’re Israeli, so they’re evil by default. Unlike every other regime in the world that has oppressed a minority militarily like the United States, China, Russia, Turkey…

I don’t support the current Israeli government or its policies. But I’m also getting really sick of Israelis getting singled out and criticized for doing things that people in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY DO without getting their entire value as human beings criticized. 

So while I’m not going to say that being singled out for criticism makes Israel immune to criticism, I do have to say I agree with the people who wonder if there isn’t some double standard at play with how the media over-exposes what Israel does compared to what, say, Assad is doing right next door in Syria, or ISIS is doing to Christians, or what Turkey is doing to the Kurds, or what happened in Darfur, etc. 

For Palestinians, I completely understand their focus being zeroed in on the country like a laser. Of course they are. It’s their country and their people being attacked. The IDF is attacking them directly and they have a right to defend themselves against military targets.

But for everyone else, ask yourself WHY you are levelling a double-standard in judgment for THIS ONE COUNTRY. And ask yourself would you treat support of the US military any differently?

Think long and hard about your answer.



racist librarian lady: *talks to any non-white patrons like they are children.*
racist librarian lady: *has repeatedly spoken to my mother like she is a child.
racist librarian lady: *has been perfectly cordial to me in the past*
me: *has to ask a question at the library*
racist librarian lady: *is the only available person*
me: damn, I hate her, but at least I can just get it over with quickly bc she reads me as white.
me: *asks question*
racist librarian lady: *immediately looks at me like I am gum on the bottom of her shoe and proceeds to “help” me in the most condescending tone and manner possible*
me: wtf?
me: ….oh
me: *remembers I am wearing both the magen david my friend from the Jewish women’s group at my university gave me for my birthday and the clay hamsa my grandmother made…*

This is your daily reminder that light skinned Jews are only “White” when goyim allow
them to be White and that as such even Jews who are white passing have only conditional access to white privilege.

Whiteness is a construct and a privileged class, as
such, those in that class have always been the arbiters of who “belongs”
with them. And Jews, even pale ones,
are not White to them.

Our skin color doesn’t matter.  We are Jews and therefore “other.”