Regarding the Black Panther Racism Bingo: people complaining about a “Wakanda for Whites” seem to forget (or are deliberately oblivious) that they already have mythical/legendary continents for White people, like Atlantis or Hyberborea, written about CENTURIES ago.

Instead of riffing off of Wakanda, folks in fandom SHOULD be pulling from the centuries-old legends that they have clung to and complained about when racebending characters in those myths/legends/franchises happen. 

(Remember the Merlin fandom, folks? And how Troy: Fall of a City’s racebending has been met with lots of yelling from fandom and actual white supremacists alike?)

I keep returning to Asgard because it literally is an almost entirely homogeneous society with a handful of Asgardians of color present in the MCU films. As fandom wants a semi-secretive, super advanced society all their own for white characters… the MCU kind of already has that with Asgard. 

I just don’t understand the need to colonize the very concept of Wakanda for white characters when Asgard exists (and is more applicable as a location and as a concept) and when legendary places like the ones you’ve mentioned (and undoubtedly, more besides) have existed for centuries and have been deemed spaces where characters of color “couldn’t have existed” in any context.

Re: that ridiculous ask:

And all I asked was that people stop messaging me about incest in the Black Panther fandom for a bit so I could try to come up with a  explanation for why I put this on the bingo card. 

I currently have like… seven messages about it in my inbox (not including the one I screen shot). While I’m not necessarily triggered by either of those ships and literally asked you guys to message me if you didn’t get stuff on my bingo card, it’s still not super fun to keep getting messages about people asking why the ship is on the card and like those were all the messages I was getting at one point.

Like their whole message was garbage, but like them putting “brief hold” in quotation marks makes me so annoyed like it feels like they’re saying I don’t deserve such a break, I guess. 

I wanted a break to figure out how to reframe my point in a way more  people would get. But that’s apparently asking too much… Sorry Anonymous Black Person who literally has no idea who I am and doesn’t give a shit about my internet experience as another Black Person on the Internet, I’m so sorry that I decided to set a teensy weensy boundary about what kind of messages I was okay with receiving.


I wonder if people who want to roll up like “explain how I’m racist as a Black person in fandom for liking this thing you’ve said is racist” realize they can just… ignore me.

And make their own posts.

The way so many other people do.

Like… clearly they don’t believe Erik/T’challa or Erik/Shuri isn’t racist (or that because they ship it, it’s not racist) but like… they can literally make their own post and play to their own audience about this. Because I’m not likely to do whatever they want. Half the time, I just delete the message and move on because i don’t care and this is entirely performative on their end.

What purpose does a message like this have? What response do they want?

This is ridiculous and pointless. It’s not like I’m going to personally show up in your inbox/on your fan fiction to let you know that I, The Stitch, think you’re racist against Black people as a Black person for what you ship. Do I look like I have that kind of time?

(Also, I don’t care that you’re black and have a ship/like a trope that other Black people consider to be racist. That changes nothing about my experiences or observations in fandom as a Black person dealing with fandom racism. Why does anyone tell me that? It’s not like I’m going to show up with a medal for them. I literally don’t care beyond mild annoyance that they’ve since wasted my time trying to figure out how to deal with them…)

Hey! Obviously its not your job to educate me, so please feel free to ignore this, but could you explain why T’challa as a sugar daddy was on your racism bingo chart?



“Sugar Daddy T’challa” stories (which tend to be about him/a white character) typically focus on what he and Wakanda’s wealth can do for white characters. Many times, the stories that use this “trope” come across with an air of entitlement to Wakanda and vibranium that has never been present with Tony/Stark tech or Thor/Asgard’s magic.

It’s fandom seeing a country of Black people with access to wealth and deciding that these nonblack characters deserve that access as well. It takes T’challa out of character and turns him into a walking, talking ATM for white characters.

Tony Stark/Bruce Wayne as a sugar daddy would be just fine, so I’m not sure why Tchala isn’t…

If turning Tchala into a sugar daddy takes him out of character, then that’s just bad writing. I think anyone has the capacity to be compassionate enough to take someone in and help them. Sugar daddy relationships aren’t just about the money, it’s also teaching them things about life, and helping them grow.

And, not all sugar daddy aus are with black/white characters. So you should sepcifically say you don’t want to see Tchala with white characters if that’s what you actually mean.

I doubt that anyone has such evil intentions of ‘gasp, black character has wealth, let’s steal it cause equality :(’ but anyone white writing black panter fics drop your pen, y’all are racist for even trying.

This is a terrible response.

You’re a terrible person for making it.

I literally explain why this is racist in the actual post you’re responding to. You’re not even interested in understanding, just on making fun of the idea that a concept could be racist.

Your whole response is rude and mocking because you don’t think fandom reducing a Black character and his country to how they can serve white characters is racist.

I think you fill several squares on my Black Panther Fandom Racism bingo card with this alone.

Hi i saw the Black Panther Racism Bingo post, and you said to nudge you for clarification if need on any of the boxes. “Assuming Wakandan’s are automatically homophobic/transphobic” confused me, I am sorry for my ignorance, could you please expand on that? If not that’s valid and sorry for wasting your time!!

Howdy friend!

So the square: 

“Assuming Wakandans are automatically homophobic/transphobic” refers to how people see Black people as inherently/automatically homophobic and how that translates to fandom.

I saw this specific post and it reminded me of how Black people are always seen as homophobic by nature to the point where, in a story where there’s nothing to signify societal homophobia or whatever, folks are out here wondering if Wakanda protects queer people?? 


Where are the posts or headcanons asking if Asgard or Atlantis does that? They don’t exist. Or if they do, it wouldn’t be seen as like an automatic or inherent aspect to their culture.

But fandom (well… the white people in fandom) get it into their heads that Black people are like The Most Homophobic (despite the very history of homophobia stemming from imperialism and colonialism like we can actually document and trace this negative evolution). 


I’m back with another “fandom racism” card, this one more explctly for the Black Panther fandom. I think this one can be used for scrolling through tumblr tags or AO3 as a drinking game, but I like my liver a bit too much to play it and see how it goes.

If you can’t read the bingo squares, here’s what they say (though the order may not match):

If you don’t get what a square means, please nudge me for clarification!

I added links to explanations for some of the various squares in the bingo box. So feel free to share this updated version of the post!

If I’ve missed something and you’re still confused about stuff, message me and I’ll respond to your ask and link it here. 

black panther fandom racism bingo addition: that fucking artist who drew a white dude as t’challa in the BP costume

In round two (if i wind up with enough suggestions… and i just might…), there’ll definitely be a square for “whitewashed black panther characters”. 

I’m STILL mad about that person’s purposeful crap like they’re totally trolling but it’s still infuriating that this one of the things that happens when we finally get something that’s “ours” as Black people.