Hi. I was wondering if you could answer a question I have about Nakia. In the first challenge ceremony Nakia was show to have a high position with her tribe, as she could have challenged T’challa. But later she said she didn’t have where to go for help or an army. Do you know why is that? Why is she is a standing than M’Baku when they seemely have the same position?

This is all guesswork because I don’t know that we get any more information in the artbook or other pieces of canon material , but I think there are several things that might be at play here:

  • The River Tribe, Nakia’s tribe, is probably a specialized tribe that doesn’t do armies. They might be the equivalent of the Wakandan navy at the most, but I… don’t know. (Because W’kabi’s tribe does border patrol specifically so I think that if her tribe has an angle like that, it’s probably something that wouldn’t have been as useful to a coup d’etat.)
  • The tribe leader might have thrown in wholeheartedly with Killmonger because Killmonger is now his king and therefore, even if they had resources and an army that Nakia could’ve used… they wouldn’t have given it to her in her attempted coup because that’s treason (and if she failed, they would’ve all been killed).

Now, I’m not super sure about the last question because I feel like there’s a word missing, BUT one thing I can tell you is that M’Baku and Nakia don’t actually have the same position!

He’s essentially a king on his mountain right? Despite the fact that he acts as the warrior for his tribe in order to try and take the main Wakandan throne from T’challa, he’s still solely in charge of an entire people in the way that other tribe leaders aren’t. 

Nakia might be the River Tribe’s warrior (and, I suspect, the daughter of the man with the lip plate) and she may have more power than the average rando in Wakanda, but I think she’s closer to one of the regular Dora Milaje in social status than she is M’baku.

(I’m getting the junior novel for the film next week and I have the artbook somewhere in my messy bedroom so I’ll go through them both to see if I get a better answer for you. Just… nudge me if this wasn’t satisfactory, mkay?)

“If anything I think Shuri would be an older sibling for Bucky. She is smart and mature, and Bucky is…Bucky.”

Hey, how about y’all don’t make a sixteen year old Black girl into a mammy figure for a grown ass white dude?

Because that’s what comments like this do (and this was an actual comment left on a post about why writing Bucky as a brother figure to Shuri is weird and a little messed up considering the fact that she has an actual brother and is comfortable/friendly with Nakia and Okoye).

Fun fact:

It’s racist to say that Shuri is so “smart and mature” that her teenaged self would be an older sibling to a man chronologically several times her age AND it’s ableist to infantilize Bucky for having been traumatized and brainwashed over the decades.

He needed help to make sure that he wasn’t going to be a danger thanks to Hydra codewords, but that doesn’t mean that he suddenly stopped being a grown ass adult that no teenager – but especially a Black one – has any business taking care of in any capacity.

Y’all out here wanting Shuri to build tech for every white hero under the sun (despite not appearing to like the character since she’s smarter than Tony – we’ve seen the “subtle” character hate, y’all) but now that the movie is out, we have to deal with the fact that y’all also want her to mammy the fuck out of these people too?



This isn’t a competition but Black Panther had the best representation of women in fantasy, sci-fi, and film as a whole. You don’t see a teenage African princess being the master and director behind the creation and innovation of the country’s most advanced technology on Earth, you don’t see a love interest with dark skin that still maintains her badass characteristics and ambitions and dreams of her own and be desired all at once, when was the last time you’ve seen a woman (black, dark skinned woman at that) lead an army of women to protect a nation and be regarded as the most powerful warrior respected by all. When have you’ve seen so much women in power and positions of respect and relevance to the plot and still managed to live at the end. You’ve seen it now.


erik killmonger is a villian, yes. but the reason black people can so easily humanize him is because we feel his sentiments. he is meant to represent the raw, unfiltered rage and frustration that black people feel deep down when we analyze how we’re treated around the world. he isn’t meant to be some smol lovable cinnamon roll uwu.

we aren’t glorifying him for murdering or being abusive or violent. we are sympathizing with him for having extremely valid and relevant reasons for being hurt. his anger is powerful and complex because it’s fueled by pain that every black person has felt some time in their lives. his intentions for wakanda were actually noble, he and nakia shared a similar vision. he just executed it differently for other reasons.

now please go nut over some evan peter gifs and leave black people alone.