That Darcy/M’baku post and the OP who insists on digging a deeper hole for themselves are just A LOT.

I mean, I almost want to make a fandom racism bingo card based off of their original post and responses thus far.

Because we’ve got:

  • Prioritizing a white character over Black ones (in their own franchise)
  • Fan-colonizing Wakanda for white characters
  • Aggressive and hulking depiction of a Black male character (M’baku triggers Darcy by yelling at her because he’s SO BIG AND SHE HAS PAST ABUSE)
  • Sassy as a characterization for Black women
  • Black women as worshipful mammy figures (Shuri and Okoye just admire Darcy so much because she’s strong for surviving abuse and yet these women have to like… Baby her and teach her things)
  • Wanna bet that the size difference the OP appreciated would also translate to Big Black Cock stuff if turned into fic?
  • Writing Black characters out of character to satisfy white people’s desire for them
  • Having a white woman call out a Black character (as a blow for feminism, apparently)
  • The OP literally used their Jewish identity and their family history in the Holocaust as a shield when called out for the antiblackness present in that post.

No one’s perfect. Obviously.

But I mean… How hard is it to Google a “how to write/talk about Black characters” post? How hard is it to realize that turning M’baku into a Black brute obsessed with/enamored by a white woman is like really racist? There are research materials out there, blogs all about educating people that want to write a little outside their lanes. And yet no one ever uses them…

I want to be absolutely clear about something:

If you watched Black Panther and immediately decided to make the film and its Black characters all about white characters who basically no longer exist in the MCU anymore or who aren’t even in the same general franchise/fandom…

You missed the point of that damn movie and you need to go back to making posts about those characters you clearly love more than white ones.

Black Panther rec list


The people asked and the people shall receive! Here is an extensive rec list of fics centering the black characters of Black Panther,

and free of incest, p*dophilia and antiblackness. (I tried to make sure that all the fics and authors listed aren’t offensive, but if i accidentally recced an offensive fic or a fic written by a terrible person, please let me know so that i can fix it).

The fics are sorted by main pairings, and the last category is for fics centering around familial relationships and character study. The list includes around 50 works, so I put most of it under a “read more” to not clutter your dash. Thank you to those who helped me make this list! I hope everyone enjoys it.

  • M’Baku/T’Challa

The King and M’Baku by tehtarik : M’Baku/T’Challa, rated T, 4889 words, complete. [M’Baku fishes T’challa out of the river.]

love, let’s talk about love by pissedofsandwich : M’Baku/T’Challa, rated T, 1 chapter out of 3 released so far. [T’Challa and M’Baku dance around the idea of pursuing something that they both want.]

moonstone by jesspava : M’Baku/T’Challa, Nakia/Okoye, 3221 words, complete. [Shuri is intent on proving that T’Challa and M’Baku are together.]

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This rec list serves the same purpose as the Sam Wilson rec list I mentioned last week, another safe space centered around Black fans and characters. If going through Black Panther tags for work leaves you stressed out and angry at fandom, this is a great resource for finding fic!

the idea of white people having their own Wakanda is funny to me, cause nearly all of their concepts of utopia are constructed on colonial and exploitative history. like Erik, their concepts of a different world are shaped by dominance and genocide. look at steampunk. or people wanting “fairy tale weddings” at a damned plantation.


How are people imagining Wakandas (or Wakanda-inspired countries) for white characters when like… Wakanda exists despite the colonialism/imperialism/evil of white Europeans? 

How are they so bad at basic history? Did they miss the multiple times that the film pointed at the colonialism and racism of Westerners/Europeans through history as a major problem leading to Wakanda’s existence and isolation?

I’m assuming they were too busy salivating over the bits of Wakanda that they’d take for themselves/their white characters to like… use their critical thinking skills.

If Wakanda exists both because and despite of white colonizers with ingrained/societal anti-blackness feeling entitled to what Black people have and are, what on earth does a “white” Wakanda look like? South Africa during apartheid? One of those all white Mormon towns? 

Like… the very nature of building (or co-opting, in the case of the literal “white ruler of wakanda stories the MCU fandom keeps trying to make happen) a country like Wakanda specifically to center whatever white character they feel deserves what T’challa has is so ridiculous in its racism that I can’t even figure out how people haven’t gotten that it’s just a bad thing to try and write and that it doesn’t even make sense.

And the thing is that they can write about Asgard. They can literally do this with Asgard without the weight of established politics and racism in the mix. But they don’t.

It almost feels like they’re Dudley from Harry Potter getting pissed about not getting enough toys (despite having a shit ton) and are tripping over themselves to make sure they get to play with our toys because they deserve them more…

(Also: every time someone gets married at a plantation, it makes me pretty sure that ghosts either don’t exist or aren’t very effective because the ancestors SHOULD destroy them for the audacity of having their joy in a place where Black people suffered and died for white profit and privilege. Who even DOES that shit?)

do you think they’ll follow the comics and eventually make nakia a villain? i was talking with a friend and we disagree. i think the movie set her up as someone who is fundamentally good/a hero (as well as t’challa’s love interest) and the mcu isn’t really known for following the comics (mcu!nakia is already very very different from comic!nakia). but now i’m a little worried…

I highly doubt it because of the very reasons you state. She’s just so good a character that I can’t see how they’d slide her over to the villainous side without just making a mess of her character and the way the MCU has set up Wakanda.

I’d say… don’t be worried. There are plenty of villains for T’challa to tackle before the folks behind the MCU would think of turning Nakia into Malice. Even if they introduce Monica in a later movie, they’ve already changed/developed enough of Nakia’s story from the comics that I doubt they can even hint at inter-relationship drama.


And I don’t think they’d want to risk losing a character that the audience really loved so changing Nakia is probably not in the cards.)

They think Shuri is just gonna be handing out Wakandan tech to whites who don’t even need it? Isn’t that Tony’s job lol to “supply the toys with little appreciation “as they claim? And i hate these “Shuri is taking care of Bucky!1” posts because it reduces her to a maid.

I’ve BEEN ready to fight over the fact that fandom legitimately seems to think of Wakanda as a warehouse of tech for their white boys.

T’challa being a friend/friendly to Steve and Bucky and getting them in shape to fight Thanos is so different from what fandom wants. Fandom wants to put Wakanda/ns to work making new suits for Tony, a new suit for Peter, probably some new shrinking tech for Ant-Man despite the fact that he has a guy for that too. 

Fandom seems to think of T’challa and the other Wakandans as like… a one-stop shop and it’s ridiculous that they do this crap while also swearing up and down that they really really love him. Well the Star Wars fandom swears they love Finn and Lando but like… have y’all seen what their definition of love looks like?


And those posts (so many posts) that turn Shuri into Bucky’s babysitter/Mammy/repair-person are so obnoxious. I think the easiest way to spot the difference is to compare how these headcanons talk about Shuri versus how Fullmetal Alchemist treated Winry as fandom thinks they’re treating Shuri like that manga treated Winry.

Winry is a pretty fleshed out character in the manga and she gets her own arc, her own interests, and grows up throughout the series.

Fanon!Shuri isn’t a person in many of the headcanons I’ve seen floating around. She’s a mechanic-nanny who only exists to fix Bucky’s arm or build a new shield/suit/etc for any number of white guys she’s never met before. Even when the headcanons give her a love interest (usually in Peter Parker but I’ve seen some weirdly… problematic HCs with Zendaya’s MJ), it’s not about her.

Like if folks aren’t written Wakandans as people… They need to stop writing them.

(Because they didn’t do this with Thor. Despite the fact Asgard is just as advanced as Wakanda and folks have/had just as much access to asgardian tech, I’ve never once in my life seen any Asgardians dehumanized for tech/plot purposes in fanfiction. And we know why that is…)

The junior novel for Black Panther is a good place to start if you’re unsure of character voice and need to see prose rather than script in order to get a grasp on the characters.

It has two parts:

One set during the film up to the end of the Busan chase (which includes a bit between T’challa and Nakia when they were young that I think will probably be in the deleted film scenes)

And another set in between Civil War and Black Panther that shows Ross and T’challa working together and dealing with someone out to kill Zemo. (That part I care way less about because T’challa is the only black person in that section AFAIK, but if y’all want to know what happened to Zemo… That’s where you look.)

While You Sleep


Four times T’challa watched someone sleep and one time that
the tables are turned.

Absolutely un-beta’d. Spoilers for Black Panther abound. The last two snippets are set between the end
of the final fight scene and the last scene in California. They also diverge
from the end of the film.

Content warnings for character death, trauma from character
death, and implied violence.


The first time that T’challa holds his newborn sister Shuri
in his arms, he worries for a moment that he’ll drop her. Then she nuzzles close
in her sleep, tiny lips parting with a smacking yawn, and he knows that he’d
never hurt her. Not even on accident.

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