Dick didn’t become half romani until Devin Grayson run, right? so you must have hate his stories before that since he was a boring white dude.


I’m p sure he was casually mentioned as romani (w the g-slur of course yikes @ that) in the novelization of Greg Rucka’s NML that came out in 2000, shortly before Devin Grayson’s run? Either way, thanks to the retcon and the hashtag confirmed-as-textual-romani in rebirth, dick’s been a romani char since I started reading comics in 2006 and I’ve read him as romani since day 1 so it’s all good here 😎 💁🏽

Sorry to get a bit preachy on your post, FYDG, but I have THOUGHTS spiraling off of yours:

A reminder to folks and followers that wanting BETTER representation for Romani people and proper acknowledgment of Dick’s heritage and ethnicity in the wake of Devin Grayson’s writing over a decade a go is completely reasonable.

Dick is one of a handful of textually and explicitly Romani characters in comics and unfortunately, his heritage hasn’t been handled well or developed beyond throwaway lines. Fighting or demanding that DC do better makes sense and can help bring visibility and increase representation for a marginalized community.

Demanding that his Romani heritage be erased entirely or saying that it doesn’t matter because it’s such a “small” part of his history or because it hasn’t been handled well? Not so much. 

Dick is Romani in canon. It was never retconned and survived the two soft-reboots that led to the character’s current incarnation. If you have beef with how Devin Grayson portrayed that (her use of the g-slur for one), take it up with her… But it’s been a decade or more since she last wrote for DC so… Good luck with that.

But there are other writers out there who have brought Dick’s heritage into his current canon(s). 

At this point, what fandom should be fighting for is more recognition of this heritage into canon. They should be fighting for Dick’s actor in the eventually upcoming Nightwing movie to be played by an actor of Romani descent. They should be trying to get Romani creators on a Nghtwing book and talking about the potential the character has.

Not demanding that Dick be read as white because a) they’ve held a grudge against Devin Grayson from before they could even read her comics (again, made a DECADE ago) or b) because they hate racebending and think that whiteness is in anyway inherent or integral to comic characters that aren’t white supremacists.

The former, is an honest attempt at trying to get representation done right. 

The latter? 

Is an attempt at erasure, plain and simple.

Meet Eugene Brave Rock, the 3rd Indigenous actor to play a major role in the DCEU


He can’t share anything about his role in Wonder Woman other than he worked on the film for 5 months in London. Fan speculation is that he plays either Apache Chief or Lone Shadow.

Brave Rock is a stuntman turned actor, so my guess is he’s performing most of his own stunts as well. If you read the interview on ICTMN, he has nothing but great things to say about working with the director, Patty Jenkins, and the DC team, who made sure he had a say in how his character was portrayed.

As far as Indigenous representation, Brave Rock, along with Adam Beach as Slipknot in Suicide Squad and Jason Momoa as Aquaman, counts as 3 major roles in the DC Extended Universe showing the world they’re ready to deliver. 😊

Meet Eugene Brave Rock, the 3rd Indigenous actor to play a major role in the DCEU

Suicide Squad: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

If I had to put it to numbers, I’d say that Suicide Squad is approximately 70% “my thing”.

The 30% that isn’t is largely comprised of the following: violence against women being brushed off or used as humor, most of the male/female relationships (and the fact that there are no positive female friendships or relationships in the squad), Katana basically not getting to do a lot beyond fight scenes and a few emotional moments, Slipknot being killed off within minutes of his introduction to prove a point, how David Ayer reframes Harley and the Joker’s relationship (and her characterization), and the Joker himself.

Had Suicide Squad come out in 2007 when I was a fresh-faced high school senior, I would have loved it entirely from the start. Of course, 2007!Stitch wasn’t as focused on picking out the problematic elements in the media they consumed as 2016!Stitch is.

As it stands, I actually enjoyed Suicide Squad almost as much as 2007!me would have. I went into the film kind of hopeful, having read several reviews that were really critical of the film but trying to will DC into having better luck with this film than with Batman Vs Superman (which I saw in theaters and hated but then, when I got the Ultimate Edition, came to understand it a bit more).

And you know what? It was entertaining as hell to watch.

It was a messy, murky movie with way too many close-up shots of Harley Quinn’s ass, but it was also fun, surprisingly sensitive in several parts, and had a pretty fantastic soundtrack that I can’t stop listening to.

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Suicide Squad – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly | Film Review

I finally finished my review for Suicide Squad and it’s almost as long as the Spectre one. Geez. So I wouldn’t go even more overboard, I separated the review into “The Good”, “The Bad”, and “The Ugly” in order to make sure that I covered everything without rambling more than usual.

It’ll be up proper on my blog in a week for sharing purposes and so I can put pictures in without it going wonky  but I hope you all enjoy my review that is SUPER FULL OF SPOILERS AND CURSING)

Suicide Squad – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly | Film Review