Alex Danvers is not, and can never be, Batwoman.

And no, this isn’t people being like “this adaptation isnt exactly like the comics and so i hate it”. no. 

this is “kate kane is a canon jewish character, who is extremely into her religion, even obscure aspects of it. she does not practice casually, it is a big part of her character and taking that representation away would be antisemetic as fuck”. 

this is “queer women aren’t interchangeable characters that you can just swap out as you please”. 

this is “kate kane became batwoman to serve because she was discharged from the military, when she loved serving her country because she refused to lie about her sexuality and therefore to have alex danvers, an openly gay officer in a government agency become batwoman would be the antithesis of the batwoman mantle and would disrespect the characters entire history.” 

your headcanons about alex danvers being batwoman arent as harmless as you might think. they are promoting and endorsing jewish erasure and homophobia just because you want to see alex being a vigilante.

and not only all of that on the actual batwoman side, but you know what else? its disrespectful and out of character for alex danvers as well. you know what alex danvers is? she is a government agent who loves serving in the agency and as part of a team. she would have literally no reason to become batwoman. she doesnt see bad things happening everyday and decide she can do something to help, like kara and james, because she is already doing that with the deo. she doesnt see the bat symbol as a call to arms to serve the people, like kate kane. alex danvers has a job that is incredibly fulfilling to her, and that she already helps and saves people in.

alex danvers has no motivation to become batwoman, and any that she does have would no doubt be extremely disrespectful to the characters history, as she will never be kicked out of the deo, a job she loves, for refusing to lie about her sexuality, and she will never see the bat symbol as a call to arms in the same way that kate kane did.

jewish characters should not and will not be erased.

queer women are not interchangeable.

so kindly fuck off, because alex danvers is not batwoman and she can never be batwoman.






A Line of Hamlets – Shakespeare Live! (Tim Minchin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Harriet Walter, David Tennant, Rory Kinnear, Sir Ian McKellen, Dame Judi Dench, Prince Charles)

Why is Paapa Essiedu not even named, and his part excluded?

Wow. He was seriously the only one left out. Don’t people who make these sets see how obvious they are?

You know he was left out on purpose, and if they could have cropped him out of the gifset entirely, they would have.



Not reblogging, but what is this fresh hell?

Simmons has never been the protag of AOS at any point.  

Simmons might be getting heftier parts and moving towards the front-ish parts of the ensemble cast, but she’s never been the focus of the series’ major heroic arcs. Like… It’s always been Daisy (with a side of Coulson and May of course).

Also: I’m on mobile so I can’t see the date on the post, but was that gif set done before or after Luke Cage? ETA: @meriadhc answered that for me! It was made before!


The Supergirl fandom (and by that I mean the Kara/Mon-el fandom) needs to stop saying Kara and Manuel are not white, that they are white-passing because they are aliens. THEY ARE WHITE. They are not white-passing and for white fans like me to be discussing that they are is truly offensive.

I get it, fandom, you are feeling “pressed” because people are RIGHTFULLY accusing your shitty ship of only existing through racist network decisions to erase Kara’s romance with James and to kick James out of the main storyline. You also realize that your ship taps into a few misogynistic tropes in that it’s the woman doing all the emotional labor to make the man a better person – as opposed to Karolsen, where they both supported each other and said how much they admired each other since the beginning. It’s hard to defend your shitty ship from these legit concerns. But co-opting social justice language to make your (extremely racist) point and pretend your white ship is “actually, really, interracial, if you think about it” is only making things worse. You wonder why everybody hates you? This is why everybody hates you.

PS. For the love of god stop saying Kara and Manuel are not white.

The idea that anyone in the Supergirl fandom is out here claiming that Mon-el and Kara aren’t white because they’re aliens makes me so mad that I could probably spit fire. 

Especially because this is something that has been addressed in at least one comic, that Superman (and subsequent members of the Superfamily from Krypton) is as beloved as he is and as welcomed by society as he is because he appears to be white and was raised by white america and he’s nonthreatening because of it. 

I love to joke and say that Batman’s “real” superpower is his white privilege, but honestly, we can’t ignore how much Superman benefits from it too. And in that vein, so do Kara and Mon-el.  

To suggest otherwise, especially in the context of “don’t complain about this ship being created to appeal to racists who hated James/Kara because it’s ~really~ intersectional and inclusive”, is to show how utterly ignorant fandom is and how comfortable the institution is with unchecked bigotry disguised as progressiveness.

ETA: I didn’t properly remember the comic I’d read where the conversation about Superman’s privilege happened and it was… dissatisfying when I went to look it up again. So if you want to read about that and get info on another 90s comic that does a fairly better job of clearly pointing out Supes’ white privilege full stop, just… click anywhere because I made this one big link.





Anyway, if the new Harry Potter movie that is set in NEW YORK IN THE 1920s doesn’t have any black people in it (like the trailer suggests) I am legit going to throw my Harry Potter books in the trash and never look back.

I don’t care whose fault it is. The casting directors, the producers, j.k. herself. I don’t care. That level of disrespect, historical revisionism via white supremacist fantasy is not to be tolerated.

The Jazz Age.

With no black people.


Do they have ANY idea how creepy it is that every single fantasy is a world without brown people?

That every magical wondrous place they can imagine, a dominant feature is that we have been scrubbed from every corner?

And where did we go? We’re we driven out? Did they kill us all? When one type of person is overwhelmingly missing there is always a reason.

And what reason will small children of color make up in their heads to answer such a question?

What little cloud will enter their mental sky?


@oneknightincamelot I promise I’m not dragging you, but I’m actually not talking about leads, I’m talking about environmental black people. Like black people in the background of that world. 

This is what Harlem looked like in the 1920s. 


This is what harlem was portrayed as in Fantastic Beasts


And I specifically looked for scenes with concentrated groups of background people. 

Its not the starring cast that was “whitewashed” its the ENTIRE ENVIRONMENT that was historically revised. Which is a much more dangerous lie. 

Also, this is specific to black people. While I am constantly hungry for more Asian representation and am happy anywhere I see it, Harlem and the Harlem Renaissance was a specifically an area and era infused with black people and black art.

Here is a documentary about it if you’re curious.

 Anyway even The Great Gatsby did a better job of quickly portraying our importance and style in the Jazz era, and it wasnt even a movie about black people– it was specifically about rich white people.


Honestly between this and the trash JK created based on Native American culture without actually talking with Native Americans to make sure it wasn’t offensive that will be used in the movie, I have zero interest in seeing it. It’s too white, too misinformed, and they’re putting fucking Johnny Depp, a known abuser in it. I have zero interest in supporting any of that.

That and Eddie seems to be portraying a Hufflepuff stereotype that looks as well written as Bella Swan from Twilight. It’s one thing when it was kids acting, but this guy has been nominated for a million awards and the trailers are just gross.

I prefer what fans wrote for an idea, that Newt is a black man coming to america, faces the shit show of racism compared to England, and goes on amazing adventures. THAT I’d watch. 

As a queer woman, that post you reblogged about wanting Barry to be queer but not wanting him to be with Iris rubs me the wrong way. ‘Cause like, queer is not a substitute for only gay, which seems to be what op was going for, but is actually an umbrella terms for all LGBTQ+ identifying individuals. So for them to say they want Barry to be queer, but not with a woman, just screams biphobia AND panphobia tbh. Also, funny how they said that right after Kiersey was cast. Reeks of racism to me.


It’s totally because Iris is Black, and no one can tell my any different. The CW fandom did this SAME shit to Candice. We’ve been there, seen that. Fandom is so damn predictable. I totally get wanting representation, everyone deserves it (BTW, Arrow does have an actual Gay superhero in Mr. Terrific and he’s actually a pretty cool character from what I’ve seen of him and his actor is wonderful), but to erase what Iris is to Barry and the importance of keeping her Black for the movie so you can have your representation is WRONG. 

And then they go and tag that shit to Iris like anyone who would be reading that tag would want to read that shit. 

Different fandom, same bullshit. 

On JK Rowling’s thing about after the fact diversity




My big issue with all of this “after the fact diversity” that we’re seeing around JR Rowling and the Harry Potter series is that she’s getting so much credit for doing basically nothing with regard to representation.

There’s no reissuing the books with covers where more characters are characters of color. There aren’t any additional chapters showing Albus Dumbledore as gay in any capacity (and seriously, the idea of a gay man pining nobly into old age after the one who got away is just an excuse to not have to address any of his relationships omfg).

JKR still wrote 99% of the Harry Potter cast as white and straight. She still didn’t describe the characters in a way that made them prominently POC or LGBTQ. Dumbledore is gay offscreen. You literally have to read between the lines to start to suspect that maybe he wasn’t straight. Blaise Zabini was revealed to be Black in book five and then we never learned anything about him or got to see him as a character.

Almost all of her diversity comes after the fact and I don’t think that she should be getting praise for any of it. Especially because fandom has done most of the work on diversity for her. Like… She didn’t think up Black Hermione. That wasn’t even in her mind until fandom’s headcanons and the sort of universal idea of the character being Black the entire time hit her airspace and then she swans in to be like “oh well, I never made Hermione white in canon so I’m cool with this”.



And with this recent thing: JKR may have made Hermione’s race ambiguous (I guess) but that’s not a good thing. She still okayed illustrations in the books where Hermione is white and championed Emma Watson as the character. She still absolutely wrote the character while thinking that she wasn’t a character of color and that’s obvious as hell.

I get that before Harry Potter got huge, she may not have gotten to have control over the images of the characters she put out. But Pottermore? Fantastic Beasts? Things that came out after the HP series took the world by storm and that still are super white and super far from diverse?

She definitely has more clout now than she did before and people know that HP will sell bank. So she could be demanding more in-text diversity. But she’s not. Not until the text is completed.

Unlike most creators of things, JKR isn’t a jerk about racebending becoming canon in new versions of her canon (like Frank Miller ugh) but she still didn’t do any of the legwork. She still didn’t write a Black British Hermione dealing with racism on two fronts. She still didn’t sit down and on her own go “Hermione is Black”.

I started the Harry Potter series when I still lived in the Virgin Islands. Which was like 2000/01. Maybe. I did read Hermione as Black when I was very small because I told myself that she had hair like mine and loved to read like me so why shouldn’t she actually look like me. (This is a similar story to what many Black fans of Harry Potter say who read Hermione as Black, btw.)

But JKR didn’t do that. She didn’t give me representation and  she certainly didn’t intend for anyone to read Hermione as Black when she set out on the series.

Fans did that. Fans interpreted Hermione as black. They wrote meta. They did fan art. They did fan casts.

Not JKR.

And she’s just rolling along collecting praise for it like she’s ever written meaningful diversity into the Harry Potter series instead of totally transparent allegories for oppression.

I’m not going to get super excited for her being all “well I’m cool with racebending in canon and otherwise because I left Hermione’s race ambiguous” because that sort of ambiguity only hurts fans of color.

It’s not even close to positive representation and I think that JKR needs to chill and look at actually writing about characters of color and incorporating them and LGBTQ characters into her HP works rather than mentioning them after the fact and getting ally cookies for it.

I’m beyond pleased that Hermione will be Black in the upcoming play, but I don’t think that JKR really deserves much (or any) of the accolades she’s receiving for it or her tweet.

In a world where Whiteness is a default, where categories like “able-bodied” and “cisgender” and “male” are the “norm” we can’t just accept after-the-fact inclusion like this that holds little weight.

If you look at Harry’s perception of the other characters in the story, it’s obvious that JK Rowling wrote Hermione as white.

Harry doesn’t go into huge detail, but he does note the big things & they’re mentioned straight away.  If a character’s heritage isn’t made obvious in their name (Cho Chang, the Patil twins), it comes up quickly:  Seamus’  Irishness, that Dean Thomas, Angela Johnson, & Blaise Zabini are black, whether a character is pure-blood or half-blood or muggleborn–it’s obvious.  Harry notices the ways a character lies outside the “norm.”  When he meets Hermione on the train to Hogwarts, if JK Rowling had intended her to be black, it would have come up right away, along with her status as muggleborn.

I do think it’s a positive thing that she has allowed the fans to educate her regarding some of the possibilities of her characters being people of color, & I think the revelation that Dumbledore was gay after the series was finished makes sense in terms of Harry’s obliviousness to the possibility that old people might have some sort of sexual identity/interest.  And I was thrilled when she did that–kudos to her for that.  She’s not perfect, but I do believe she’s well-intentioned.

But she can’t claim credit for black Hermione & I wish she would acknowledge that more clearly.  I think the Magic in North America debacle has proved that she hasn’t really changed the way she approaches race & culture in her writing, and that’s a shame.

I know how hard it is to recognize one’s own shortcomings and acknowledge them to the public, especially when it comes to issues of prejudice.  And I feel for her, because she has to do this on such an enormous stage.  It’s the biggest drawback to fame, as far as I’m concerned.  It’s so much easier to be able to correct one’s mistakes in the relative privacy of anonymity.  I know I look back on some of the things I believed–and said–when I was younger and cringe.  I’m appalled at my younger self sometimes.

That’s why it’s so important she do so–because how are we supposed to change as a society if we, as individuals, can’t claim the ways our worldview is problematic?  And like it or not, she’s a huge role model–to other writers, to her fans and readers, to all the children who haven’t read Harry Potter yet, but will.


Supergirl fandom, let’s get this straight:


^ These two are sisters.


^ These two are friends (and had an unrequited romantic interest plot that is in the past, which included him kissing her without consent, and then making her feel guilty about it).


^ These two are boss & employee (with a very mentor/student relationship, and is definitely not one that should be romanticized as it’s definitely not a very good relationship).


^ These two are the couple.

Stop shipping Kara with her adoptive sister or her (honestly shitty) friend or her boss instead of acknowledging her black male love interest 2k16.

Especially if your hatred of the idea of Kara ending up with James leads to you hating on James and saying you think he should be killed off because he’s not needed.

Seriously, the fact that fandom gravitated to shopping Kara with her boss and sister (and okay folks, this isn’t even remotely a ship where you can argue that the characters didn’t grow up together so it doesn’t count because their relationship AS SISTERS is a core theme in the show) instead of James/Kara says something.

It says that when given the option of shipping a white female lead with a black guy, fandom will ALWAYS rush to minimize their relationship. On top of that, we’ve got people shipping her with her sister and with the boss who constantly makes her feel bad about herself.