Some thoughts on the few women of color in “The Force Awakens”


good article which includes how the above character (Bazine Netal) is played by a white person (Anna Brewster), which i had seen nothing about on tumblr (and couldn’t find when i searched either) or otherwise up to this point so i felt like this needed to be posted particularly in light of that. ((**i am white do not want to step out of line by making a post about this, i just want this person/their words to be heard.))

Some thoughts on the few women of color in “The Force Awakens”


i suck at giving receipts bc i dont track shitty things all the time tbh (& some of this i lived in a time where i didnt keep a clean, tagged-everything blog) so whatever consider me unreliable (i’ll still try to give some receipts) but this is my list of what i’ve had to experience as a rhodey stan

  1. Rhodey being hella erased. (this has two sources)
  2. For a while, the Rhodey tag was being updated every seven-to-ten days with posts about the actor switch. No one talked about Rhodey as a character, but only of the people that play/ed him. Luckily most people have drifted off that point now. 
  3. Rhodey stole the suit
  4. Point 3. usually accompanied by the following:
    -Rhodey isn’t Tony’s friend
    -Rhodey cares more about his career than about Tony
    -Rhodey is distant and judgmental
  5. Since the first point is the biggest issue when you’re a Rhodey stan the following happen a lot: 
    -Constant misspelling of ‘Rhodey’ (even though that’s pretty much the only thing he’s been called in the almost five movies he’s in) x & x to show you a few, the most popular misspell however is Rhodney/Rodney 
    -People dismissing him as the very first MCU POC Character ever (Anthony Mackie even corrected an interviewer once who said Sam was the first balck superhero in the movies)
  6. Rhodey’s different brands: The Nanny, The Grumpy Pseudo-villian, The Back-stabbing friend, among other racist ones.
  7. Just like Sam: The Aro/Ace, The Too Independant To Need (read: Be Shipped With) Anyone Else. 
  8. The Absolute Heterosexual even though this is all real
  9. Rhodey being left out of most Tony-centric fics. 
  10. The absolutely almost disgustingly rude headcanon that Rhodey:
    a) Salutes Steve first because he’s his fan or worse, Steve’s just better than him for NOT canon reasons
    b) Thinks of Steve as his mentor (this I personally dealt with some days ago, I don’t have the original post bc the op deleted it after we spoke politely about it) even though that makes no sense
  11. Constantly blaming fandom’s eraruse on how Rhodey’s been written even though he’s been developed for four movies. 
  12. Replacing his friendship with Tony with Bruce while completely dismissing the fact that Rhodey’s gone to MIT and is in fact a Rocket Scientist. So Basically Science Bros has existed for almost twenty years in the MCU and it doesn’t include Bruce, sorry not sorry. 
  13. Rhodey being left out New Avengers fanwork, among other stuff he should be in (everything Tony centric tbh)

i’m absolutely sure there are more stuff but i cant no longer think nor remember bc im too tired so any of my fellow rhodey stans are welcome to jump in
ps.most if not all the examples shown here are not a one time thing but a constant thought fandom collectively shares

The typical fandom experience:

Being unable to find stories with women and/or characters of color that don’t place them in relation to a white dudeslash ship.

If you can’t see that this is a problem fandom needs to fix – actually fix instead of providing platitudes about how much they love these women and/or characters of color that they only use to shore up ships – then you’re part of the problem.

It’s fixable of course, but requires fandom to look at the why and how behind their behemoth-like ships and how they handle the portrayal of women and/or characters of color in the fanworks that they create and consume.