we’re doing the whole “this show with literally no gay rep is the best gay rep in the world” thing again, huh

somewhere there’s a marketing meeting going on where someone is proposing that show writers don’t even need to deliberately gaybait in order to get LGBT audiences to watch their show, they just need to have 2 attractive male characters in the same vicinity as each other and the fandom will gaybait for them.

* one of them has to be white/light skin/easy to assume a white identity into

As terrible as fandom can be, what are your favorite things about it? Do you have a favorite thing to do

Here’s a list of some of my favorite things about fandom for you:

  1. People write so many really cute stories about babies. I love babies so much so kid-centered stories and how popular in fandom they are makes me ridiculously happy. Give me a single-parent AU ANYDAY! 
  2. Good fandom meta. I love when I can find folks who write in-depth meta about underappreciated characters (like characters of color and white female characters) doing awesome things. 
  3. People who write backstories for Finn. I love them.
  4. Memes. Oh man, I love memes. Fandom memes are the best memes, in my opinion.
  5. Long fan fiction. Oh man, back when I had free time and wasn’t working on my thesis all the time, I would go and get a couple 100k+ stories loaded up on my kindle (from one of the many fandoms I lurk in, I’m not that picky at that length) and just… bask in brilliant prose. (I have two stories I’ve been reading since I was like a teenager that are like a million words long and I would spend a day or two just… experiencing those stories.)
  6. I do like the community and friendships I’ve found. I have friends from ages ago who I still talk to and share stuff with even though we aren’t even in the same fandoms any more. It just feels good to be able to sign on to discord (though, not right now… I somehow broke discord on my laptop) or twitter and scream incoherently about stuff with people who get me.
  7. Cosplaying. Oh man, I love seeing people’s in-progress cosplays and just… it’s so cool?? I’m so proud of them all??
  8. I like the fact that fandom writes AUs about everything (except you know… shit they shouldn’t). I really do like reading about characters I love in college, as elderly people, as vampires, as detectives. Give me all the (totally amazing and not ism filled) alternate universe works!

Antisemitism is weird


Jews are “white” until we’re not.

Antisemitism is weird. It’s more about trivializing us and discounting us  – until the economy collapses and suddenly we have some kind of secret agenda to control the world. It sneaks under the radar as jokes and yinglish and comedy stereotypes – until suddenly windows are being broken and swastikas are being spray-painted and pigs heads are being thrown at synagogues.  

It’s about me meeting someone at summer camp who sidled up to me and whispered, “Can you show me your horns? I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

It’s about the erasure of Mizrahim, Sephardim, Black Jews, South Asian Jews, Jews everywhere in the world who don’t match the stereotype.  It’s about, “Funny, you don’t look Jewish.”

It’s about the fiction of “Judeo-Christian” and how we’re all one people under G-d, until suddenly we’re not. 

It’s about “get over the Holocaust already” and “there have been lots of genocides in history” and “the Holocaust was a hoax”.  It’s about “not all German soldiers were Nazis” and “okay yeah, the pope was a member of the Hitler Youth but he says he’s sorry” and “the swastika has been used by a lot of cultures besides the Nazis.”  

It’s about the way we straddle the line between religion and ethnicity (or race), and about my grandmother, who used to remind me, “You can eat bacon on Yom Kippur, but when the Nazis come, to them you’re still a Jew.”

It’s about Godwin’s Law, which uses Jews as metaphor, but renders it almost impossible to speak about the actual Jewish historical experience because the moment you mention Hitler, Nazism or the Holocaust you “lose the argument.”

It’s about an article called “You Can Get Upset About That Captain America Twist, You Just Shouldn’t”.

It’s about Hail Hydra.

Try talking about the way that characters of color are treated across the board in slash-filled fandom spaces sometime.

Try pointing out that while you like slash and have ID’d as a slasher for well over half of your life, sometimes it’d just be nice if characters that look like you weren’t either ignored or portrayed via racist stereotypes in slash fandom.

Try tagging any commentary that even remotely attempts to be critical of the reasons behind why fandom ships the ships they do.

Try it.

I dare you.

Watch how quickly a space that keeps being touted as a safe one for women quickly becomes unsafe. Watch how quickly your fellow fans treat you like an outsider and ignore any validity in your words because people like you are taking the fun out of fandom.

“Fandom is supposed to be fun.”



I see way too many teenagers on here starting shit and then saying ‘my mental illness absolves me of all responsibility!’ Or like ‘stop responding to drama I started, #myanxiety’ or like ‘you’re not allowed to unfollow/block me/subpost me’ and I just want to say……children….please log out, it was never this serious.

Also, this FIXATION y’all have with doing call out posts for simple misunderstandings is not healthy to do to each other as young, complex beings who haven’t even successfully made it through the social expectations of high school. Y’all are legitimately hounding and harassing and organizing targeted campaigns against each other over ‘Discourse’ and that’s not healthy, don’t let us older folks fool you. I know everything feels dramatic and serious but it is not.

Go do your homework and get good sleep because you’re still growing.

I said this on twitter, but let me say it here too because I’m ANNOYED:

The next person I see say or share shit about how “being kink/fandom critical is TERF logic/rhetoric bcuz ‘gender critical’” is getting blocked. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care if we’re friends or if you’re a stranger. You’re getting blocked because that is bullshit.

Being critical of things you partake in as a kinkster or a member of fandom isn’t the same thing as being all up in other people’s gender and trying to take away what few rights trans people have so…

That claim that “antis” and anyone using [BLANK]-critical in a fandom context are using terf-ish rhetoric is straight up co-opting oppression trans people face in order to claim that people are oppressed IN fandom or kink spaces because of what they ship or get off to. 

But I don’t think anyone is actually oppressed because of what gets you off or the kind of fan fiction you like. To act like you are is beyond messed up. 

(Like yes, I know that people have lost jobs and whatnot because of their interests in kink or fandom coming to light and things outside the US are different/worse, but that’s not the same as systematic oppression and they’re also accusing other, predominantly marginalized, people IN fandom and kink spaces of oppressing him.)

Mind you: these are people who say that fans of color trivialize racism by talking about it in fandom when there’s “real racism” out in the world and yet the second that someone is critical about something in fandom or in their kink circles, they rush to reply with “you sound like a terf” :/

There’s trivialization going on here but it’s not from the people talking about how fandom is a generally bigoted space masquerading as a woke feminist arena that’s safe for sexual exploration and blah blah blah (unless you’re someone who has a problem with how your identity is portrayed in fandom…)


no offense but like…..reblog the fics you like. there is nothing more discouraging than having people read your fic without leaving kudos or any form of response. comment if you like it! send them a message! use the tags to talk about how you liked it! share the work so that others can read it too!

too often fic writers deal with people hounding them for updates, but never any feedback. end the cycle. reblog the fics you like. talk about them. share them.