The Dead Lovers – FinnRey Zombie Apocalypse AU

Highschool Senior Finnley Storm and his girlfriend Rey are caught in the middle of a deadly plague that hits the sleepy town of Jakku. Stealing a trailer from Rey’s unscrupulous boss, the couple travel across the the now zombie infested country in search of safe zone: New Hope Settlement. 

Things take a turn for the worst when Rey is kidnapped by a strange group of survivors who call themselves The First Order. Their sole purpose is to “reshape” America by any means necessary. Finn must now put his budding survivors skills to the test and rescue his girlfriend. 


Next in the Finnrey tarot series by the incredible @theycallmecabbagepatchTwo of Cups.

The Two of Cups typically points towards a relationship that is based on
mutual attraction and romantic inclinations. It reflects the clear,
nurturing, supportive and heartfelt exchange of emotions that is the
gift of a romantic relationship. The Two of Cups represents love that is
nurturing, creative, clearly focused, inspirational and equally


Nuff said ❤