I know I know I KNOW we shouldn’t bother engaging trash like xythiatales, but they can’t even let us have THIS. We can’t just have this one goddamn movie without them shitting all over it while propping up their precious white faves, and I’m so TIRED.

It’s so tiring.

Because it happens every time. 

It happened when Luke Cage was coming out, when Black Panther was announced… Heck, there were people claiming to be “wary” over watching Black Lightning because “blah blah blah the CW treats white lesbians poorly”. It’ll happen when Cloak and Dagger comes out and when we eventually get that Cyborg movie. 

Like there’s always going to be some excuse for these folks not to support Black characters in or out of Black-focused nerdy media.

My thing is is like… they could just focus on their white faves. No one asked xythiatales their opinion on Shuri. They made an unprompted post and tagged it because they wanted to show how little they care about Shuri and Black Panther

And like I said in my piece on this whole thing: it’s because xythiatales and their ilk just can’t stand their white faves being compared to full scale Black excellence and being found wanting. Tony isn’t the smartest person in the world of the MCU (if he ever actually was) and the person that is, is a Black teenage girl from a country that literally exudes Black excellence. 

So of course they have to paint Wakanda poorly.

Of course they need to make all kinds of claims about the country.

Of course they need to act like T’challa (and therefore Wakanda) = ~the patriarchy~ and need to be shut down.

Of course, they have to scramble for every single excuse they can to avoid watching Black Panther when… no one asked them to go in the first place. Like a non-black person wants to avoid seeing BP for whatever reason… they can. I personally don’t care.

They just need to avoid performative ass allyship/politics like xythiatales did and avoid pretending that they’re avoiding BP because they really care about Black people getting poor representation. 

(And seriously, any non-Black person making comments on how terrible Wakanda is or how BP isn’t good representation for Black people can go jump in a lake. I’m not here for it. Any Black people saying that too, tbh…)

All we can do is shield our own and surround ourselves by people who are excited about the content and are going to create/share/talk about the canon and make awesome fanworks for the stuff that’s coming out that’s celebrating us!

It’s going to get worse once all of this awesome content comes out officially and we’re inundated by White Feminist takes that ~somehow~ manage to say the same things as the bloggers on hate sites but in “acceptable” language, but I mean… we’ll survive the stress the way we always do: by hunkering down, creating amazing content, and clapping back at faux feminist folks in fandom that think that it’s open season on Black folks because Agent Orange is in the white house.