One last bitter post though:

Dick Grayson gets protected against this imaginary spectre of male objectification. Fandom makes PSAs and “defense squads” and safe spaces to combat the harm supposedly done by this comic.

But then, Helena Bertinelli and Tiger both are subject to racist (and in Helena’s case, misogyny that’s racialized) comments and posts and being erased in fandom.

There are posts calling for the death of “that Matron bitch”, racist posts about both Tiger and Helena that demand their removal from canon in the rudest ways possible. They’re in the tags with fellow members of the wide DC fandom cosigning them via likes and reblogs.

But where are there defense squads? Why isn’t anyone trying to protect tho relatively prominent characters of color from fandom?

Oh wait. I know why.

It’s because fandom is a hypocritical fucking shit show that only cares about diversity and representation in this super shallow and performative way.