How are you going to ask someone to do labor and then get huffy when they ask you to pay them for it?

I guess their question wasn’t very genuine after all… since they don’t want to give me $5 to get the opinion they asked for.

This is someone that clearly doesn’t respect me or my work considering that they’ve decided that I’m not really a good educator and someone just in it for the money. (You know, when I make all of maybe $200 on Patreon and most of that goes to my health insurance…)

Don’t ever do this, folks.

Don’t ever ask someone to do labor (and yes, asking a Black person to give you their thoughts on slavery in fiction IS labor) only to turn around and accuse them of not actually wanting to educate people.

My actual website is a free resource. My Twitter is a free resource. The things I post on this website (barring links to my patreon or books I’m in) are free resources. When I link to something I’ve written on another website (that I’ve previously been paid for), that’s a free resource.

If you wanted my thoughts and opinions for free, you should stick with those avenues. They’re all available and have relatively accessible search functions.

Don’t disrespect me or my career in progress by saying that charging for my work (not my opinions, that’s a thousand word essay I linked them to) is a sign that I don’t really care about educating people.

I’ve blocked the person in the screenshots and I’m not going to engage with them anymore, but I needed y’all to see an example of how not to engage with people YOU want help from.