Really? You wanted relena’s pink limo? Umm. I wanted the Deathscythe, but I would have conformed with the Shenlong

Not many people know this about me (except now you will all know this about me), but when I was little, I was a barbie FIEND. There was no Barbie that I didn’t want and, thanks to the fact that I was my dad’s youngest and favorite child, I had all of the Barbies and accessories that a little Stitch could want.

Including a pink limo with a little pool in the back which was beyond impractical but so cool when you’re like seven.

So I was kind of… destined to want a bigger pink limo.

(I also still want one tbh… Mainly because someone else could drive me around in it!)

Also if I had to pick a Gundam instead, okay so I would either go with Deathscythe or 

Dynames from 00 because I love that Gundam. I can’t explain it but watching Neil/Lyle Dylandy pilot that Gundam was… well it was “my thing” and I want one. I’d also be down with owning/piloting Sandrock because I really like the blades it has or just… most of the main Gundams from G Gundam which was just… an experience.

Also, thank you so much for talking to me about Gundams! You have no idea how happy you’re making me!




from the mother:

“Hey Everyone!

My 13 yr old Naliah was just accepted into the Duke University TIP program Summer studies program for Cryptology and Number Theory. She will be attending Rice University for 3 weeks during july and staying in the dorms as a real college student. We have accepted the offer and now have a week to raise a deposit and until March 8th to pay any program fees. My daughter is a brilliant child who has alot of these opportunites poppin up for her and sometimes they are a bit expensive and the money is a little tight. I want to show her that she can do anything she sets her mind to and will do anything in my power to be able to send her off to follow her dreams. Anything you can donate or help with would be greatly appreciated and will be going to a great cause! Thank you all!”

you can help by donating here:

please signal boost to help a 13 year old black girl continue to accomplish greatness.

thank you!

We have a chance to help another little Black girl continue her mathematical development. I did programs like these when I could get scholarships or they were free, and they were everything great in this world. She’ll be surrounded by other little geniuses, continue to make progress, and start/continue building a network of people looking out for her and taking notice of her abilities.

Let’s help her thrive!

Update: the initial goal of $2500 was met within 2 days, $4000 was met by 3. You can still contribute if you’re interested in helping. Her mom says it will be for future programs.


Oh my gosh! Look at this small smart bean!