I don’t think many people see how horrid the supposedly progressive and anti racist parts of tumblr/twitter fandom are to Black characters/fans/performers on the regular. They curate their spaces so well that the only time they see a hint of the antiblackness in fandom is when Black people aren’t nice about dealing with it and insult a white person.

So when they see Black people talk about how done they are with folks defending Ad@m Driver’s “ugly ass” from folks/posts on social media he’ll never see talking about his looks while the same fandom says that constantly talks shit about John Boyega in posts he’s tagged in  they rush to be like“wow, that’s bad feminism to fight racism with bullying and my activism calls for me to defend everyone and blah blah blah”

But like… The white guy is ALWAYS defended. He’s always coddled. That’s literally one of the biggest problems in the Star Wars fandom, that the trilogy villain and the guy who plays him gets more respect and empathy from the fandom than John Boyega and Finn do.

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