“I just want the real Helena Bertinelli back" aka: “I think Black people aren’t real people and that women can’t be both Black and Italian”

Cry harder into your moldering piles of back issues, racists 😀

It has nothing to do with her race, I have absolutely nothing against that. It has everything to do with the character herself, and the origin. It’s the same with Babs being Batgirl again. I like her way better as Oracle. Same with Dinah and a few other characters. Their character/personality and origin, were way better Pre New 52. If Hel B was a different race even before the New 52, I wouldn’t mind at all. Her race isn’t the issue. The issue is: she’s completely different than when she was before. The New 52, changed so many characters and origins, it’s okay to not like them, and only like Pre New 52.

Did I ask for your long-winded racist opinion?? 

No I fucking did not.

Please, stay in your lane and shut the entire hell up when you see a black woman talking about antiblack racism in fandom because guess what: I know way more about fandom’s antiblackness and how it was directed at Helena Bertinelli in Grayson than you EVER will.

It was real and it was nasty and it was, 100%, racialized misogyny that hinged on racist fans hating the idea of DIck being with anyone that isn’t Barbara but who also hate the idea of legacy characters being introduced as Black characters (considering the shit the continue to sling at Wally)

Newsflash: Helena B basically has the SAME FUCKING BACKSTORY in the current universe (WHICH ISN’T THE NEW FIFTY TWO YA NUB – DCYou (which Grayson really was a part of) was a weird hybrid that paved the way for Rebirth) as she did in the original DC Universe. 

Her personality? THE SAME.

Her motivations? THE SAME.

Her brief romantic interest in Dick Grayson? THE FUCKING SAME. 

The actual ONLY differences are that she’s Black (but I’m waiting for the BOP team to retcon the hell out of that because I’ve heard some ish about their writing) and that instead of the writers hating her for her relationship with Dick Grayson, the fans do.

Miss me with this “it’s not about race” bullshit because clearly, you’ve never seen someone pleading for “that Black bitch in Grayson” to die because they hate the idea of Helena B being Black and attracted/attractive to Dick Grayson.