Unconventional Courtship 2016 is HERE!

Yes, it’s that fantastic time of the year when the Unconventional Courtship community opens up for new stories!  Unconventional Courtship is a panfandom fic fest where writers create and post a 1000+ word story that is based on a Mills & Boon or Harlequin plot. 

And we’re participating – we being the modly types here at Graysonette and as many friends we can convince to join up – because we need more Grayson stories to exist in this world. Unconventional Courtship is a chance for writers to play with their favorite characters, putting them in situations that they normally might not get to experience in canon. We’re hopeful that fellow Grayson fans will get in on this and write fic for their favorite ships from the series!

You can read the event details at the link above (so go do it), but here are the important details as they relate to Grayson and this little blog:

  1. You don’t need to have a Dreamwidth account to participate, but making one is absolutely free. 
  2. Posting begins on June 1 and goes through the end of the month. When you sign up, you can choose your day (or days if you plan to post more than one story). 
  3. When they say Harlequin, you can use any summary from Harlequin’s main likes like Kiss, Nocturne, and the like. Jury’s still out on Carina titles as they’re technically not the standard Harlequin fare, but there’s no shame in asking in UC’s FAQ’s or contact post if there’s a Carina Press title you want to tweak for your story. 

If you decide to particpate in Unconventional Courtship 2016 and decide to write about any ships involving the characters/ships/settings in the Grayson comic, let us know and we’ll rec the hell out of your story across the internet. And if you’re lucky (and don’t mind mediocre photoshop), there might even be a fake Harlequin cover in it for you!

All ships and genrea are welcome for the event so get creative, fellow Graysonettes and let’s do this thing!