So I’m staying with my sister for a few days and we decided to watch Infinity War on bootleg with the niecelings and um… That was not a good idea.

(I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea since Tiny T didn’t handle Luke dying at the end of TLJ – which we watched right before – very well.)

Tiny T was fucking sobbing after watching what happened to some of her favorite characters and she said she never wants to see a Marvel movie again. She’s literally still crying.

I… hecked up.

I’m going to have to write fix-it fan fiction for my 12 yo niece.

I’m honestly so glad that I don’t have the money to take the niecelings to see Infinity War.

Two of them have been watching MCU movies for practically their whole lives and are so fond of the characters and from everything I’ve heard about this movie from all of y’all?

It’s not worth it to spend a crap ton of money just to break their hearts.