Iris’s wedding should have been ABOUT IRIS.

It should’ve been about her making this commitment with the man that she loves and solidifying something that they’d been planning for all season and that will impact them for years to come. It should’ve been a moment for Black women in the fandom to celebrate because Iris has been one of the best forms of representation for Black female nerds since she came on the scene.

But it wasn’t.

It was about Olicity.

And it became about how Olicity fans think everyone but them are entitled assholes.

“Who’s Super Selfish Here?”: Oliver and Felicity, WestAllen Wedding Crashers


How is it some of you can’t grasp what Iris is saying? The writers literally spelled it out for you and y’all still can’t catch on? She’s literally saying it’s their life, not his or hers.

For me it sounded familiar because Barry deadass told her the same thing in S3

Well look at that. Barry telling Iris his powers are a part of her and this was their life. He was telling Iris Flash and Barry Allen are one and the same. You can’t separate the two. It’s taken a while but Iris has finally grasped and embraced that concept.

One other thing

Barry has been hit with his own lightning bolt before and survived. So those you whining about Barry trusting Iris over Caitlin/Cisco look foolish. Beyond that Barry was seconds away from being blown to smithereens and Caitlin/Cisco weren’t offering any ideas. And since when do you need a science degree to know about power shortages?

Looking at the critical thinking skills displayed in this fandom it’s no wonder we ended up with Trump as president


You know you’ve been saying for weeks that you’re gonna save me
from Savitar. And while I trust you with my life, it was hard not to
feel scared. You know, sometimes it feels like the Flash is this guy my
boyfriend becomes when he runs off to save other people. Like I’m the
only one who doesn’t get the Flash. He felt separate from you. But
yesterday when you saved me, I remembered I have no reason to be scared.