uh…ya’ll know there’s black people in korea right?




so with this whole recent scandal of kai from exo appropriating black culture with his dreads…and what seems to be a new issue every week of idols appropriating black culture, i just want to make something clear. there’s far too many of yall claiming that people who are native to korea for some reason are unable to have a grasp on racism/colorism/cultural appropriation. not only is this entirely racist, to assume that just because someone is not from a western culture that they can’t understand GLOBAL issues, but it’s also entirely incorrect! there are black people IN KOREA who have spoken out against these issues TO KOREAN PEOPLE. for example: 

this is a clip from a korean show called Talking Street in which a black man shares his experiences of racial discrimination in korea TO A KOREAN AUDIENCE in which many of them empathize and apologize to him. but no, korean people still can’t understand these “western issues.” not only is this man, Sam Okyere speaking on this show but he’s been on other popular korean shows such as Return of Superman. 

here’s a clip of another black man talking about his experiences with racism in korea on a popular korean television show called Hello Counselor, a show that regularly features idols, and that kai himself has even been on!!!!!

^^^lastly, there’s plenty of interviews like the one above floating around the  internet in which native koreans ask people on the street about such issues like racism, lgbt issues, etc. the responses are those of normal people living in a fastly changing society because that’s exactly what they are! the people in the interview, for the most part, see the mistreatment of black people but recognize it as wrong. but there are still people out there assuming that the entirety of korean society is stuck twenty years in the past, and that  idols (even though they’re exposed to EVEN MORE global media) can be excused from problematic actions simply because of the place they are from. people in korea watch the shows like the ones above and take from it what they choose, and  if idols choose to see that something is wrong and do it anyway, they are to blame, not their society. black people literally exist everywhere and are mistreated everywhere, not just in america. so if american’s are  able to recognize this as wrong, then why can’t people in other countries?

and for the amount of times idols have been called out for dreads/cornrows/blackface….you seriously think other idols don’t see this? but then they carry on with the appropriation after seeing other people in their field getting flack for it. stop making racist accusations to defend your faves, and STOP TALKING OVER BLACK PEOPLE WHEN IT’S ABSOLUTELY NOT YOUR PLACE! i’m exhausted.

this applies to not just idols but their companies as well

Also, not only are there Black people in Korea but many Koreans are Black, e.g. the model Hyun Min Han for just one prominent example. Koreans need to do much, much better than this, and Western people need to stop coddling us. We are every bit aware of the reality of racism, as the op proves, and we are capable of improving. It’s patronizing to suggest otherwise.