“It’s just been a slow come up to this point. Black Panther is huge, and while we celebrate, I think it’s very important to emphasize that we also need more powerful positions behind the scenes. We need more executives, showrunners, writers, directors, getting our Black women in there, specifically. When I say Black women, I mean our brown-skinned Black women, because colorism has become an issue as well, and we need to tackle all of these things. I just think it’s very important for us to represent the world how we see it.”

John Boyega on the Importance of Black Women in Hollywood


I have seen zero (0) posts about John Boyega’s recent instagram posts where he’s been having the time of his life partying in Lagos and Calabar and y’all are missing. out.

Have you ever seen such a smile on someone? The pure happiness radiating from it? A king in his peaceful kingdom? Like cmon

The actual MAGNIFICENCE and COOLNESS of this photo is legit killing me, staring into my soul, a quiet judgment that I am so willing to allow, like who is he? A god on our mortal earth? Jesus who?

And yet again, I have died so many times over that I now exist on another plane, 10000/10

Have y’all even SEEN such CONFIDENCE in a pose before? The richness of such pride in one’s own heritage? I’m not even religious but I sure as hell would drop to this man’s feet and worship him

That’s just his photos from the Calabar carnival in Nigeria but he’s posted sooooo much more to do with Christmas partying in Lagos, videos and music and more photos and all. Does anyone even appreciate life more than this man? I don’t think so