110??? 91???? 834???? (Just for comparison Hux is in 14051 fics…..)

We can do better than that right? I feel like we need a proper fest or exchange for Lando because he’s such a great character who definitely needs more love!!

I found this great meta by @fialleril (read the whole thing here) & I thought I’d share this little quote just in case you need another reason to love Lando –

“The journey Lando makes in the movies is actually a journey from
small scale leader trying to keep his own people safe under the radar to
openly revolutionary leader fighting on a much larger scale. And
that’s a big part of what I love about him. Lando is a character with a
limited amount of power in a bad situation, trying to do the right thing
when all options will lead to someone getting hurt. There’s an immense
amount of complexity both in his character and in his situation.”

Soooo…let’s get writing/creating for Lando!