I’m honestly so glad that I don’t have the money to take the niecelings to see Infinity War.

Two of them have been watching MCU movies for practically their whole lives and are so fond of the characters and from everything I’ve heard about this movie from all of y’all?

It’s not worth it to spend a crap ton of money just to break their hearts.

Already seeing a return to the “Shuri is a Mary Sue” (but also she’s unkind for being snarky, she’s obnoxious, she’s [a bunch of character traits that are only seen as flaws when attached to a Black character]) rhetoric following the teaser scene with her schooling Bruce Banner and like…

Imagine being such a loser than you can’t handle your fictional fave being schooled by a teenager.


(Because Tony stans and Bruce stans have more than a bit of overlap in their fanbases and the last time Shuri was smarter than a white guy with Tony, they trotted out the Mary Sue crap to shut her down and dismiss her.)

Fandom isn’t changing fast enough for me.


Shitty Hot Takes I’ve Seen Only An Hour After Redownloading the Tumblr App

  1. Working mothers lead to fascist sons as the takeaway from DJ Older’s Last Shot novel with child Ben Solo. (“If Leia had just stayed home with her son, maybe he would’ve stayed on the side of good.” is a thing people are saying and like… Stop that)
  2. T’challa/Erik is good, fine, and is only hated because of moralistic Black American antis who don’t know cousin marriage in Africa is a thing and that Wakanda would be full of it so antis being culturally insensitive by not wanting white people to erase Erik and T’challa’s characterization for the sake of their incest fic. (This is coming from at least one Black shipper and like… I thought about engaging with the post I saw but I don’t have time to deal with the “Pick Me” set in fandom.)
  3. Not a tumblr one but someone on twitter literally said that Finn belongs to Rose (following it up with how Rey belongs WITH the mythical Ben Solo) and I like… could not even.


Also in the same shitty Hot take from the second one the person being all “antis are the worst, cousin incest is a thing” is also like “if you want your fandom to thrive, you have to let people write what they want”

And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

I’d rather break my own fingers trying to write respectful (which doesn’t exclude sexy or kinky) stories about black characters and try to single handedly resurrect a dead fandom than watch folks continue to straight up disrepect the characters like the Black Panther Fandom continues to do.

Like… The BP fandom shouldn’t (and doesn’t) need incest fic, mandigo fetish porn, and folks shipping Shuri with grown ass adults to thrive.

What the heck is wrong with these people?

(Also, no shit cousin marriages are a thing. Like we’re all on Beyoncé’s internet and Google is currently still free. Splaining cousin marriage to folks like a) it’s always so great and b) y’all are even trying to respectfully portray it (rather than enemies to lovers fic that makes ZERO sense and renders both T’challa and Erik out of character) is embarrassing as hell like…

Non-Fiction: Jessica Jones Doesn’t Care About Men of Colour

The thing about the feminism on display in Jessica Jones is that it isn’t universally empowering or accessible. This is a series that centres the titular character’s pain above that of other people, and that treats the lives of people of colour—particularly men of colour—as accessories to her narrative.

As a show, Jessica Jones has represented peak ‘white feminism,’ centring white womanhood, from day one. Like Agent Carter, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman, it’s a narrative focused on white female characters in worlds where characters of colour are afterthoughts, sidekicks, villains, or background support. From Reva Connor’s death being used as a catalyst to jumpstart Jessica breaking free from the control of her abusive ex, Kilgrave, to the overwhelming lack of characters of colour in the series’ New York City, to killing off both of its black female characters in the second season, and to Jeri Hogarth filling the “Evil Lesbian” trope, this is not a series that cares about putting forward an inclusive or intersectional form of feminism.

However, one of the most glaring examples of this is in the way that the series treats its male characters of colour, particularly in its second season. Men of colour and their experiences (including their trauma) are never seen as important or as valid as Jessica’s trauma.

I got to write about Jessica Jones mediocre second season and how the season failed the three recurring male characters of color for Anathema Magazine. This season was even more awful about how it treated male characters of color and that’s saying something considering how the first season had Jessica stalk and sleep with Luke Cage knowing full well that he was connected to the woman that she’d killed on Kilgrave’s command.

If you’re interested in reading me at some of my saltiest, check out “Jessica Jones Doesn’t Care About Men of Colour” at Anathema Magazine!

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Non-Fiction: Jessica Jones Doesn’t Care About Men of Colour

Hey I love your BP bingo. I have a question about the “white ruler of wakanda (mcu)” square – are people really out here putting their fave whites on the throne?? That’s wild. I thought ShurixRoss fic was bad enough they’re really some closet racists out there wow

They really are.

They have been, actually.

There was, last year, some Natasha/T’challa stuff where after Black fans were like “mm… no” they were accused of actually hating interracial relationships. I saw (and screenshot) the opening line of a story where T’challa and Tony get married and, after T’challa dies, Tony takes the throne. (This fic,as far as I can tell, came out AFTER the film so… they knew better.)

I’ve seen “white consort of Wakanda” stories as well where the white character may not end up running the country, but still gains some serious power in Wakanda that they literally have NO business having.