bc i dislike westallen i know right now how frustrating it is to ship sth that has like 30% chance of becoming canon

like their kiss… it make me sick… and i am not a hater of ship. i just really didn’t want to see it. idk.

usually i ship just couples who end up canon anyways, so it’s like… nope for me. one big nope. bc i see in their relationship things i dislike. and idk. i really wish i could ship them, but i can’t.

i still watch for plot, but … idk… some fun was taken away from my watching, i guess? 

Hey you know what’s super fun about Westallen coming up?

All the sex they will have, both pre and post marriage!!! They have gene pool that begets most of the legendary Flashes.

Wait until Bart, the Westallen, grandson travels back in time and gets stuck there to save Barry. Talk about awkward, and lessons not learned! He’ll spill the beans about his cousin Jenny, his second cousins from Wally also all speedsters, and how he inherited his inability not to fick with time. Iris learns that married life with Barry is ridic.

Also thanks for not censoring Westallen as it got filtered into the Westallen tag.

I’m assuming OP ships Barry with someone else… what ship has a 30% chance of becoming canon? LMAO

I mean I guess another ship has a 30% of 0 chance of becoming canon. 

OP, I strongly suggest you just stop watching now. Because PawPaw Joe WILL be getting his Westallen grandkids, and possibly Westallen great-grandkids, before the series ends.

They tagged “Snowbarry”. These salty haters get more funny and delusional as time goes on. I legit laughed because OP reminded me of Karen from Mean Girls….

@my-broken-resolve thanks for the giggles lol…

I just got my wisdom teeth removed, there’s a 30% chance they will grow back.

This is me ugly laughing at the OP


being a person of color in any fandom always involves being the victim of so much gaslighting and the recipient of incredible amounts of vitriol, if you ever dare to say anything against what the white majority sees. if you speak out against racism in media, people tell you you’re overreacting. that you’re taking fiction too seriously. to be happy with what you’re getting and stop complaining about it. that you’re delusional for thinking there’s something wrong.

if you want to ship an interracial ship, or pretty much anything that does not prioritize only white characters, you’re told that nobody else sees what you do. even if there’s basis for it, buildup for it–white fans and writers alike will say they can never see something like it turning romantic. why do you want to ruin these great friendships? they’ll ask, while greenlighting and supporting ships with white characters that have not even a tenth of that buildup or chemistry. it’s your fault for thinking there could be anything more, you see.

if you’re a woman of color, white women tell you “baby steps.” that there’s something wrong with you for complaining about not seeing any woc in media populated with white women and the occasional man of color. that pointing out racism in works created by/starring white women makes you a bad feminist. and god forbid you complain about the bad treatment a female character of color receives from the writers and/or the fandom. immediately, the cries of how ‘fans like you’ are just too sensitive, or too demanding, or even animalistic start pouring in. you should be satisfied that a woc is even included at all, right?? stop seeing oppression that doesn’t exist.

and the same rhetoric yet again, if you’re a lgbtq person of color. be happy about lgbtq representation, they say, even if it’s only white people being represented and even if it’s taking place in media that is hateful towards people of color. you can’t have it both ways after all. sometimes you just have to overlook a few things, white fans will tell you. representation for white lgbtq people is so rare, already don’t you see? who cares that representation for lgbtq poc is practically nonexistent in comparison. at some point, you just have to reconcile yourself with the idea of choosing between your racial identity and your sexuality, sorry.

the list goes on and on. the lengths people will go to invalidate your concerns, to deny your complaints, to mock your yearning to be represented are infinite. it doesn’t end, not on any level. and it gets hard not to believe them, after a while. it becomes difficult to hold onto your beliefs, to continue speaking out against what you know to be wrong because often it feels like you’ll never get anywhere. sometimes, you see a creator or character or actor of color become popular, become known, and it gives you a bit of hope. offers a little light, a scrap of something won after so much time fighting for it.

but overwhelmingly, the tide is nearly always turned against you. and it’s hard to keep turning against it. it’s tiring. i’m tired. and i know so many others are, too.

Grayson #20 and WOC as the “Wrong Choice” Love Interests

I read Grayson #20 and really didn’t like how Jackson Lanzing and Colin Kelly handled the Helena/Dick relationship because of what it reinforces about women of color when placed into relation/competition with white women (especially in the superhero and sci fi genres).

AKA: That gross nod to Dick/Babs at the expense of Helena/Dick wasn’t just annoying because of how the former ship is played out, but because of how it frames a WOC as “lesser” (and unlovable!)when compared to a white love interest like Babs (who isn’t even DATING DICK FOR THIS TO BE A THING). It was unnecessary, dismissive, and when coupled with the “Helena’s a strong Black woman that don’t need a man” vibe that sees her leaving the issue… It just smacks of major misogynoir and I’m not here for any of it.

Grayson #20 and WOC as the “Wrong Choice” Love Interests

#FlashbackFriday – Preference and Race in the Dating World

#FlashbackFriday – Preference and Race in the Dating World

Originally written in 2013 on Tumblr.

I hate the word preference. Or at least, I hate the concept of that most people have of it in terms of dating.
I hate that not only has society made it okay for everyone to have a (frankly racist) preference against Black women, but that it’s also socially acceptable to talk about why you won’t date a Black woman… TO BLACK WOMEN. (more…)

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