Octavia E. Butler: Writing Blackness Into Science Fiction


Okay so real quick, if anyone isn’t hip to Octavia E. Butler, they need to be. She is this amazing woman who authored numerous science-fiction/fantasy books that feature black characters who are dynamic and fascinating.

The reason I love her so much is because her characters don’t embrace common stereotypes about blackness such as the comic relief character, the sassy tongued “Sapphire” caricature, the hardened gangster character, etc. If you think about the dystopian/sci-fi/fantasy books and movies that are popular, there is little to no diversity in the cast and characters. She went against the ‘popular’ and created something from her own point of view and that decision that she made was the best thing she could have ever done for me personally and for generations of young black writers.

So if you’re ever on the hunt for something to read, I’d HIGHLY recommend one of Butler’s novels. You won’t regret it!

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Octavia E. Butler: Writing Blackness Into Science Fiction